• Oct. 23~24 2014 TempleStay Review(2014-10-24)
  • Oct. 18~19 2014 TempleStay Review(2014-10-24)
  • Oct. 9 2014 Temple life review(2014-10-24)
  • Oct. 4~5 2014 TempleStay review(2014-10-24)
  • Soothing Templastay in Jeondeungsa - Oct 4th~5th(2014-10-10)
  • With Pagoda lantern -on Oct 1th~2th(2014-10-09)
  • Fo find my true self... Sep 28th~29th(2014-10-09)
  • Fantastic program at the temple Guinsa on Sep 13th~14th.(2014-10-04)
    Name: Hannah Little / Nationality: England

    It was a fantastic program.. I would recommend Guinsa Templestay to anyone.
  • Soothing templestay at Jeondeungsa on Sep 25~26(2014-09-29)
  • Tea with a monk at the oldest existing temple in Korea!(2014-09-29)

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