• "The breathing of millennium"(2016-05-12)
  • Apr.30/2016 Daily Templestay with Multicultural Family for Buddha's Birthday.(2016-04-30)
  • Apr. 27~28 Daily & Relaxation Templestay(2016-04-28)
  • Enjoyed the great insight in temple life -Magdalena(2016-04-20)
  • Truly a one of a kind experience(2016-04-20)
  • Emeric from France(2016-04-20)
  • Klaudia from Poland(2016-04-20)
  • Templestay Review of Hwaunsa- Noel (Singpaore)(2016-04-14)
  • Tempestay Review of Hwaunsa- Maryna, Liz (USA)(2016-04-14)
  • Apr. 9~10 Focusing on Meditation TS(2016-04-10)

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