• The weather was cold but that could not stop us to visit Guinsa(2016-12-07)
  • 2016.12.03~04 Daily templestay(2016-12-04)
  • It's always good to be with FRIENDS~!!(2016-11-15)
  • Cultural Experience of Gumgang University international students(2016-11-09)
  • Tea Festival of Cheontae Order in Guinsa Templestay on the 21st to 23rd.(2016-11-09)
  • Nov. 05~06 Breath&Rest Tempelstay in 2016(2016-11-06)
  • Wonderful Experience Templestay with Wonderful people on the 8th to 9th of October(2016-10-14)
  • 403차 체험형- 9.10~9.11(2016-09-11)
  • KonKuk University International Students enjoyed Templestay(2016-08-24)
  • 400th Experiential templestay in Geumsunsa- 8.20~8.21(2016-08-23)

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