• Dongguk Univ. Summer School Geumsunsa templestay on July 11th~12th(2014-07-14)
  • Jul 12 ~ Jul 13 Jeondeungsa Templestay Review(2014-07-14)
  • Jul 5 ~ Jul 6 Jeondeungsa Templestay Review(2014-07-08)
  • Jun.30 ~ July.1, 2014 Templestay review(2014-07-02)
  • Jun 28~ Jun 29 Jeondeungsa Templestay Review(2014-06-30)
  • The Temple of Guinsa itself is also very impressive and beautiful.(2014-06-26)
    Ben:American, English Teacher
    Really enjoyable for me. I have wanted to experience temple life and this Temlestay gave me that chance.
  • I had a really pleasant stay at Guinsa temple.(2014-06-26)
    Ashley : Canadian, Teacher
    It was a great experience and meaningful insight into Buddhism and Korean culture.
  • Greater Appreciation for Buddhism(2014-06-26)
    Julie: American, Teacher
    The monks were very kind and helpful. I learned a lot and feel like I have a greater appreciation for Buddhism. Thank you!
  • very positive and friendly(2014-06-12)
    *Peter Wouters (age 21, Netherlands, Student) Very nice introduction to Buddhism. Great accommodation! Guide was very positive and friendly. Just a great experience which I would recommend to anyone.
  • Jun 7 ~ 8, 2014 Templestay review(2014-06-11)

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