• Entertaining, Exhausting, Interesting and Powerful!(2010-09-16)
    My time in the templestay program at Jikjisa has been entertaining, exhausting, interesting and powerful.

    I have never felt as healthy as I do now, right at the end. The bowing and chanting were particularly rewarding both physically and mentally as I felt muscles harden from the 108 times bow and my mind embracing the amazing feeling involved by sitting among buddhist monks at 3 in the morning listening to their ancient and timeless chants. Despite the harsh hour I felt lucid and inspired.
  • Gam sa ham ni da!(2010-09-16)
    As a foreigner it's been quite a challenge but a very good one that I will keep in my mind and my heart.

    I wanted to have a deeper look into Korean and Buddhist culture, religion and history which I got.

    I feel very exhausted and very grateful to be alive.
  • Temple Stay was a very interesting(2010-09-16)
    Temple Stay was a very interesting experience. I enjoyed learning and experiencing Buddhist life style.

    I would have liked to learn more about Buddha's history. The evening and morning musical ceremony was AMAZING!

    I enjoyed the talk with one of the student monks. 108 bows was very exhausting but I am proud to say that I completed it.

    Also it was nice to learn meditation by a wise monk!

    Thank you for welcoming us.
  • Unexpected Win Leads to Refreshed Mind, Body at Tongdo Temple(2010-07-22)
    I was sitting in the office, reading the paper, when I noticed a competition where one could win a ``templestay.' Though I had heard of this before, I had never really considered going on one. On a whim, I decided to answer the easy question online, thinking no more about it.

    Unexpected Win Leads to Refreshed Mind, Body at Tongdo Temple

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