• Templestay Summer Programs(2011-07-29)
    This is a unique opportunity to experience traditional culture and the lifestyle of Buddhist monks in ancient temples that have carried on the heritage of Korean Buddhism for the last seventeen hundred years.
    Templestay : A Journey in Search of my True Self
  • Bulguksa Temple & Seokguram Grotto: Journey to Enlightenment(2011-07-18)
    After Buddhism first came to Korea by way of China in the fourth century C.E, this foreign-born religion gradually permeated all aspects of people’s lives, forming the foundation of Korean consciousness.
    The Front view of Bulguksa Temple
  • Sudeok-sa Temple Offers Soul-Searching Experience(2011-04-23)
    Spring-time in the small pocket of beauty that is Deoksan Provincial Park, will expose crimson azaleas that blossom on awkward-shaped mounds of rock that whittle away at the ghost-like sea mist, as it creeps through the mountain top where Sudeok-sa Temple stands.The park itself, which is in South Chungcheong Province on the west coast, is divided into Mt. Deoksung that enshrouds Sudeok Temple and Mt. Gaya its highest peak at 678 meters. The greater area, known as Yesan-gun, is steeped in Baekje period (18 B.C. - A.D. 660) history, supporting numerous cultural relics from that long era. This sets forth for the visitor, a unique temple stay at Sudeok Temple ― the head temple of the Jogye Order's 7th district and headquarters of monastic training for Zen Buddhism in Korea.
  • Beauty of Space(2011-04-15)
    Speech should harmoniously resonate within any given area, in order to accentuate the beauty of the human voice.
  • 'Different' and 'Wrong'(2011-04-09)
    Diversity is a part of the unavoidable reality in the world we live in. However, we often have a hard time accepting it, and contemporary Korean language usage reflects this attitude. It has been observed for some time that people confuse ‘different’ and ‘wrong’ and often use them interchangeably.

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