28 October 2017 Ssdam Ssdam Templestay    |    Jeondeungsa (전등사)

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My true-self tells me that I really enjoyed it and learned and saw a lot. 

The nature was beautiful but it did feel like a workout, especially the prostrations. 

Thank you for your time and knowledge. You were very venerable.




It was a great opportunity to experience korean traditional culture. 

It was a peaceful experience.




It was much better than I expected, very good experience :) Thank you.




The templestay was peaceful and I learned a lot. thank you. 

I wish you peace and wisdom.




The templestay was fun but a lot of work. 

I learned a lot about Buddhism and had a good experience. 

thank you for your time and I hope youi live a good long life!




The templestay was really fun and allowed to escape the city for the weekend. 

Thank you for your support and teachings.




I don’t know if I knew what was going on half the time 

but I think that helped with cleaning my mind. 

I enjoyed being away from the city right when the leaves change color.

 I feel good at this moment.




I felt like my mind was learned during meditation 

and I do think I’ll practice meditation more or fun. I will attempt to live better!




I really enjoyed being at temple Jeondeungsa. 

It is extremely beautiful and so calm. I will visit again later. 

Thank you for your time!




I feel more relaxed and aware of what Buddhism means. 

I am truly grateful for this experience for what I have learned. 

I plan to take what I have learned with me back home and try my best to practice meditation everyday.





I had a wonderful time during my templestay. 

It was a very unique experience and I’ve learned a lot. 

I would very much so love to return to the temple again some day. I will miss you.




I really enjoyed my time here and enjoyed learning more about Buddhism and Korean culture.