21 Apr Ssdam Ssdam templestay    |    Jeondeungsa (전등사)

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전등사의 봄을 느끼기에 가장 좋은 날에 온 것 같습니다. 평소에 템플스테이에 참여하고 싶었는데

여러모로 기회가 닿지 않았습니다. 이번 주에 친구와 드디어 템플스테이에 참여하게 되어 

너무 기쁘고, 휴식과 힐링의 시간이 되었습니다.

It seems to come to the best day to feel the spring of the Jeondeungsa. 

I usually wanted to participate in Templestay, but there were not many opportunities. 

I am very happy to be in Templestay this week with my friend 

and it was time for rest and healing.




오랜만에 아무 생각 없이, 그리고 부담 없이 시간을 보낸 것 같아 너무 좋았습니다

닭 우는 소리에 눈을 뜨고, 올빼미 우는 소리에 잠을 청하는 것이 참 좋았습니다

너무나 평화로운 분위기

It was so good that I thought I had spent time without any thought, 

and feel free after a long time. It was great to open my eyes with the sound of chickens 

and to sleep with the sound of an owl. So peaceful atmosphere




아침 새벽 4시에 일어나서 그 뒤로 계속 졸음이 밀려왔지만, 그래도 여러 가지 체험도 해보고

나머지는 휴식도 하며 지내다 갑니다. 도심에서는 보이지도 않던 별을 

밤에 수없이 떠있어 정말 인상 깊었고 별을 좋아하는 저에게는 매우 즐거운 밤이었습니다

별자리도 보았구요. 공양도 너무 맛있었습니다. 나물이라 속 편히 잘 먹었습니다. 건강하세요.

I woke up at 4 am in the morning and continued to drowsy after that,

 but I still try to experience various things, and I go to rest for the rest. 

It was a very pleasant night for me because I was so impressed and loved the stars 

that I could not see at night in the city. I saw the constellation. 

The offerings were also very delicious. I ate well because of herbs. Get Healthy.





My stay at the temple was very educational and benefited me in both body and mind. 

I learned so much about the beliefs and practices of buddhism  

and gained a new perspectivity of nature. I also got a workout. Ilearned a bit about cleaning my mind.




I loved the templestay. It made me reflect and introspect about myself and my mind, purpose, 

and how I affect others. I feel that my mind is clearer.