Welcome to the Booth of Templestay on May 5th

Date 2019-05-01 오후 5:09:37 | Author admin | Views 766

”Welcome to the Booths of Templestay on May 5th, the Children's Day!"

As a part of Lotus Lantern Festival 2019

The great chance to experience Templestay programs and to try the Temple Food is waiting for you at the Templestay Booths in front of Jogye-sa temple from 12:00 to 7:30 pm on May 5th.

All the programs are free and open to everybody on that day. The programs include Templestay information & reservation, 360 degree VR experience, Trying Temple Food, Making Bracelet, Fan or Coaster for yourself. At the Temple Food Center near the Booth also will provide the stirred beans to the visitors for free.

Celebrating the Children's Day, special presents will be ready for the visiting Boys and Girls.

See you all on that beautiful day.