International Travel Expo Hong Kong

Date 2019-05-23 오후 1:29:22 | Author admin | Views 138

The Cultural Corps of Korean Buddhism will participate in the International Travel Expo Hong Kong as follows. 

Period : 4 days from June 13 (Thur) 2019 to June 16 (Sun) 2019

Venue : Honkong Convention & Exhibition Centre Hall (1A-1E)

Number of Participating Countries & Booths : 666 booths from 52 nations

Homepage : 

The Templestay booth will be positioned inside the booth of Hongkong branch of Korean Tourism Organization. 
We offer the information about Templestay to tourism business and the general public.

Plus, visitors can join the experience programs : making lotus flowers and prayer beads, coloring cup coasters, etc.

We welcome your great interest and visit to our booth.