Templestay and Templefood event to take place in Italy

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Temple food, the tastes of seasonal vegetables, introduced by Ven Jeong Kwan
from Netflix series "Chef's Table"
and Temple food event to take place in Torino and Roma, May 20 ? 25

color:#373737">TORINO, Italy and SEOUL, South Korea, May 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/
-- Ven Jeong Kwan, who has been recognized as a heroine of Netflix series
"Chef's Table" with the introduction of Temple food, is going to
visit Italy. How about trying Temple food in Italy with her if you have never
tried it before?

color:#373737">The Cultural Corps of Korean Buddhism announced that it will
participate in the "2019 Korea Week in Torino," organized by the
Korean Embassy in Italy, the Consulate General of Korea in Milano and the
Korean Cultural Center in Italy.

color:#373737">The event's highlight will be Ven Jeong Kwan's
workshop for Baru Gongyang, or a traditional way of formal monastic meal,
using a wooden bowl called baru. 20 participants, who applied in
advance, are qualified to attend each workshop. During the workshop, Ven
Jeong Kwan will explain the meaning of temple food and
and provide a chance to try it.

color:#373737">Meanwhile, the Korean Cultural Center in Roma will offer a lecture
on May 22, where participants have a chance to make Temple food by themselves.
At the lecture, its characteristics and recipes will be introduced, followed by
Yeonnipbap, or steamed rice wrapped in a lotus leaf,
stir-fried shiitake mushrooms in grain syrup and
kimchi made
of tomatoes and vegetables.

color:#373737">At this event, The Cultural Corps of Korean Buddhism will also
provide 'Templestay' experience, a traditional cultural tourism content of
Korea. Templestay literally means "staying at a temple" and it allows
participants to experience a day of Buddhist monks, learning Korea's Buddhist
culture. There will also be Templestay promotional video screening, exhibition
of paper dolls and Temple Food, and making Lotus lantern.

For more information on detailed programs and application
submission, please visit the Website of the Korean Cultural Center in Italy



Templestay Experience Event

Baru Gongyang Workshop

Templestay Experience Event

May 24 (Fri)

Grand Hotel Palace, Rome

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