Korean Temple Food attracts the attendee of ICAO meeting in Montreal, Canada

Date 2019-06-17 오전 10:58:39 | Author admin | Views 747

Korean Temple Food attracts the attendees of ICAO(International Civil Aviation Organization) annual meeting sponsored by Consulate General and Permanent Mission to the ICAO of the Republic of Korea in Montreal Canada on 5th June 2019.

The chefs from Balwoogongyang, the representative temple food restaurant in Seoul Korea prepared the coursed formal dinner for the 130 attendees of the ICAO meeting in Montreal and got the great standing applause from the members of ICAO who got moved by the philosophy, tradition and the history of the temple food and the simple and unique taste of the precious tradition.

The Cultural Corps of Korean Buddhism also prepared the experiential programs including traditional printing of Buddhist Sutra carved on wooden block and Making Paper Lotus Flower