Temple etiquette

Dress in the temple should be clean, neat and conservative. One should avoid bright colored clothes, outlandish clothes, heavy makeup, strong perfume and excessive accessories. One should not wear revealing clothing such as sleeveless tops, mini skirts and short shorts. Bare feet are not allowed in the temple.

Desirable Behavior

One should be quiet and gentle within a temple. Please be careful not to speak loudly, shout, run, sing, or play music. Men and women should avoid intimate physical contact. Eating and drinking should be done only in designated areas. Do not walk around while eating snacks, drinking beverages or chewing gum. In the temple, drinking alcohol and consuming meat and fish is strictly forbidden. Also, smoking is banned in all parts of the temple. Most temples restrict taking pictures inside Buddha halls and other buildings without prior permission, but taking photos outside the buildings is allowed. When you borrow something from the temple, you should return it to its original place.

General Manners in the Buddha Hall

When you enter any hall on the temple compound, please keep the following rules :

  • The Main Hall generally has three entrances, the front or center entrance and ones to the left and right. Use only the left or right entrance. The center entrance is reserved for the monks.
  • Take off and arrange your shoes before you enter the hall.
  • When opening or closing a door, do not make noise. Lightly lifting the door as you move it will help reduce noise.
  • When you enter the hall, bow to the Buddha with palms together. Also, bow before you leave the hall.
  • The center of the hall in front of the Buddha is for monks only. Do not sit or stand there.
  • Do not lie down on the floor of the hall or sit on a door sill.
  • Avoid passing in front of others who are praying or making prostrations. When you have to pass, pass quietly and quickly with palms together.
  • Do not step on Sutras.

Appropriate behavior(Chung Gyu) for Templestay participants

Community life

The temple is a place for community life, so please put things back in their proper places after you use them, and always be considerate of others. Please use the proper door. Take off your shoes and arrange them neatly. Also check to extinguish the candles and incense if you are the last person leaving the Main Hall.


In the temple we reflect on our own minds. We should reduce talking in order to have ample time for self reflection and so as not to disturb others. Other than chanting, reciting the verses for eating, tea time, and asking questions during the lecture times with Sunims, please keep silence.


We do a half bow with a respectful mind whenever we meet people in the temple. Please do the same when entering or coming out of the Main Hall.


Chasu is the posture used when we walk within the temple or in front of a sunim. It's a posture to show a humble mind and silence. The method of doing Chasu is to fold your right hand over your left hand at center of the belly.


Please do not miss any chanting ceremonies (Yaebul). When you enter the main hall, please do three full bows facing the Buddha, then go to your seat. Please don't use the front door for sunims in the Main Hall, but use the side doors.