Type of Templestay

When you want to leave, just resting the trip we dream when you want I want to leave. I want to relax. Well even alone, even better if together. Templestay program to meet special relaxation corners of the beautiful temple is the place to go when you need a comma mind rest of life.

One day Program

It gives you a chance to experience traditional culture of Korean Buddhism in a short time. Made up of programs that interested for international visitors, Temple tour, Lotus flower making, Cham-Seon medition and Da-Seon (Tea ceremony) are included. Now, let's put down yourself and your busy mind for a moment looking around the temple compound where a lot of historical old Buddhust treasures have been well preserved and purify your mind through meditation and tea talking programs with Sunim (monk)

One night two day program (Experiential program)

It is totaly available only on weekends. Aside from the basic activities, which includes the Yebul (Buddhist ceremony), and tea time with a monk, there are also a great chance to experience more activities such as 108 prostrations, monastic formal meal, and walking meditation on the forest paths of the temple's mountian.

Free-style Program(Recuperation program)

One-Step Pause Templestay is a free-style program held all the year round. If you attend the Yebul (Buddhist ceremony) in the morning and evening and take meals on time, you can manage the rest of your time at the temple by your own will.