What is Templestay

Templestay is a unique cultural program which lets you experience the life of Buddhist practitioners at traditional temples which preserved the 1700 year old history of Korean Buddhism.

A joyful journey to find the true happiness within yourself

TThe whole world slumbers in the dark hours before dawn, but as the majestic temple bell tolls, it awakens the universe, and the day begins in the mountain temple, as it has for the last 1700 years.
Templestay is a cultural experience program that lets one get a taste of the incredible cultural heritage which has blossomed during the five thousand years of Korean history, as well as experience the cultural consciousness transmitted throughout Korean Buddhist history.

You can realize the Buddhist method of eating ecologically, called BaruGongyang (monastic formal meal), which allows one to live in harmony with nature. Through the practice of Dado (tea ceremony) you can find true stillness and tranquility in a cup of tea. While walking along a peaceful forest path, you can listen to your inner voice, and through the practice of 108 prostrations you can learn the technique of putting down your inner desires and attachments.

It's a time to search for your true self and become one with your original nature. We hope that Templestay allows you to clear your mind so that you can have a wider experience of the world, and that this serves as a turning point when you return to your everyday life.

A bowl of food and a droplet of water, learning compassion from a tiny blade of grass. Instead of the racket of the city, we can finally become our true selves through the noble silence flowing within this place.

Can you hear the sound? Does it open your mind?
Can you hear the sound? Does it awaken you?
Can you hear it?
200 million people around the world filled with the sound of happiness.
A joyful journey to find the true happiness with yourself at TempleStay