[Geumsunsa] Experiential templestay (Sat-Sun,1N2D)

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Price List(Won)  

Type Adult Student(up to 18)
Experience 70,000KRW 50,000KRW
Type Adult Student(up to 18)
Experience Templestay 70,000KRW 50,000KRW

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Program Information

Meet the fragrance of Buddhism

Geumsunsa has the regular templestay program on weekends,
This is the Experiential Templestay, and you can enjoy various activities about Korean Buddhist culture and traditions.
It starts from Saturday afternoon and ends on Sunday morning (around 11:00).

* Please make reservation at least 3 days before the date you would like to join :)
* Participation of the Experiential Templestay is available only for a person over Age 17(Korean age).
* Uniforms (vest and pants) are provided during the program.

* * Rooms : Participants need to share rooms together. Men/Women rooms are seperated.
* Schedules can be changed due to the weather / temple situation.


1st Day

Time Title
14:30~15:30 Registration / Check-in
15:30~17:00 Orientation / Temple Tour
17:00~18:00 Dinner
18:15~18:30 Bell Tolling
18:30~18:50 Evening Ceremony (Yebul)
18:50~19:30 108 Prostrations
19:30~20:30 Making 108 Praying Beads
22:00~04:30 Ligths Out / Bedtime

2nd Day

Time Title
04:30~05:00 Wake Up
05:00~05:20 Morning Ceremony
05:20~06:00 Cham-Seon (Seon Meditation )
06:30~07:20 Breakfast
07:20~07:50 Ulyeok (Communal Work)
07:50~09:00 Meditation in the Forest
09:00~10:00 Cha Dam(Teatime with Monk)
11:00~00:00 Survey / Check-out

What to prepare

* Uniforms (vest and pants) are provided during the stay.

* What to bring : ①T-shirt (to wear under uniform), ②Towel, ③Toothbrush, ④Personal water bottle, ⑤Sneakers, and ⑥Socks.

** Sleeveless shirts & flip-flops/sandles are not recommended.

Payment & Cancellation Policy

Rates are as follows:

4 days before : 100%
3 days : 50%
2 days : 20%
1 day : No refund

*Cancellation on the day itself is regarded as participating.

NOTE: You can pay at the temple if you can't do money transfer.


Please be quiet during your stay.
Smoking and Alcohols are prohibited.

Way to Temple

By Bus and Subway,

1. Go to Gyeongbokgung (경복궁) Station.

2. Go to (Exit 3) and walk straight forward about 70 meters to the bus stop(경복궁역).

3. Take the Green bus (No.7212) and get off at Yibukodochung (이북오도청)
4. Walk North (toward the mountain) about 20 minuntes staying on main roads. (There will be several 'Guemsunsa Temple' Signs from the bus stop).

5. Once you reach the enterance for the mountain, hike up about 500 meters. Once you meet a restroom on your right in the crossroad, turn LEFT to Guemsunsa Temple(금선사).

By taxi,

Tell the driver to drop you off at Geumsunsa (금선사). If the driver doesn't know then tell them the direction to Yibuk-odochung (이북오도청).
*If the driver is unfamiliar with the roads please show below address.

Geumsunsa Address(금선사 주소) :
서울 종로구 비봉길 137 금선사
Contact : +82-10-2685-9913

Contact Info

  • open from 09:00~18:00
  • If you have any questions, please contact below :
  • Geumsunsa Templestay +82-10-2685-9913 (message available) / geumsunsa@templestay.com

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