[Beomeosa] Hyu-hyu(휴휴, Relax & relax)

Experience Templestay, Busan, 82-51-508-5726

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Type Adult(20+) Student(up to 19)
Experience 50,000KRW 50,000KRW
Type Adult(20+) Student(up to 19)
Experience Templestay 50,000KRW 50,000KRW

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Program Information

휴휴(Relax & relax)

This Program is the Relaxational Program of Beomeosa Templestay.

We hope you can find your peace of mind and feel the great atmosphere of over 1,300-year-old antiquity of Beomeosa.

Please, Take this note that we are not able to offer any individual room but we offer 2-3 cultural experience during your stay. You can take the experience of relaxation and cultural activity both.

Beomeosa Templestay is one of the rare temples where you can feel the prototype of templestay program. Please, don't miss it. :-)


Day 1

Time Title
15:00~15:50 Arrival & Check-in
16:00~17:00 Orientation(Temple Etiquette & Self-introduction)
17:00~17:50 Dinner Offering(casual buffet-style veggie meal)
18:30~19:10 4 Buddhist Instruments Performance & Evening Chanting Ceremony
19:30~20:30 108 Prostrations
21:00~06:00 Bed Time

Day 2

Time Title
06:00~06:25 Wake up, Wash up & Dress up
06:30~07:00 Breakfast Offering(casual buffet-style veggie meal)
07:00~08:20 Walking to a hermitage(small temple)
08:20~09:00 Handcraft(Decorating an Eco-bag)
09:00~09:00 Closing

What to prepare

A uniform is provided during the stay.
What to bring : toiletries, a personal water bottle, loose clothes for sleep, an extra t-shirt, sneakers, and socks. Remember that a sleeveless shirt or flip-flops are not recommended.

Payment & Cancellation Policy

5days before : 100%
5days~1day : 50%
the day : No refund


1. Attending a pre-dawn Yebul, or prayer chant is optional during your stay here.
2. Keep to the time schedule and do not wander into the off-limit areas.
3. Please clean your room and put away your bedding properly.
4. Please return your uniform when you leave the temple.
5. Buddhist practice begins when we are modestly dressed in clean and tidy clothes.
6. Alcohol and cigarettes are absolutely forbidden in the temple.

Way to Temple

If you take the subway, get off at Beomeosa Station on Line no.1, come out of exit 5 or7,
walk 5 minutes to the bus stop, take Bus 90, and then get off at Beomeosa entrance.

If you take a bus (148, 37, 49-1, 80-1, 90, 301, 50, 50-1, 1002), get off at Beomeosa, walk 5 minutes to the bus stop, take Bus 90, and then get off at Beomeosa entrance.

Contact Info

  • 09:00~16:00
  • tsbeomeosa@templestay.com

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