[Myogaksa] "Where is your mind?" for 2 days 1night

Experience Templestay, Seoul, 82-2-763-3109

Price List(Won)  

Type Adult Student(up to 18) Pre-schooler
Experience 50,000KRW 40,000KRW 40,000KRW
Type Adult Student(up to 18) Pre-schooler
Experience Templestay 50,000KRW 40,000KRW 40,000KRW

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Program in English or translated in English

!!한국분들은 꼭 국문사이트로 예약부탁드립니다!!
!!이 사이트는 외국인과 동행하는 한국분만 예약 가능합니다.

You can experience Templestay programs and Korea traditional culture.

(When you made a reservation, we will send you a confirmation mail. Please check your e-mail.)

*You may share a room with other participants.

*Program in English or translated in English


Day 1

Time Title
13:50~14:20 Arrival, view a room, change into uniform, put belongings in individual locker
14:20~14:45 Korean orientation
14:45~15:10 English orientation
15:10~16:20 108 Prostrations (Full bow) & Making 108 beads
16:20~17:00 Mind sharing
17:00~17:30 Bell striking(ring the bell)& Buddhist ceremony, Temple tour
17:30~18:20 Dinner
18:20~19:00 Body scan meditation
19:00~21:00 Break & Rest
21:00~04:00 Time for sleep

Day 2

Time Title
04:00~05:00 Time to get up
05:00~05:30 Bell striking(ring the bell)& Buddhist ceremony
05:30~06:30 Intensive meditation : "Mindfulness meditation"
06:30~07:15 Break
07:15~08:10 Breakfast
08:10~09:00 Tea ceremony
09:00~09:30 Cleaning together in and around temple
09:30~10:00 End & Time to leave

Things  to  bring& offer  2Ds  1N

* A uniform (a vest and pants) is provided during the stay.
*All participants should wear socks.

* Things to bring : toiletries, a pair of socks, water bottle, personal belongings (e.g. pajama)

* Things to offer : Bedding, towel, soap, shampoo, body shampoo, toothpaste, hair dryer

Payment & Cancellation Policy

* Student discount
- High, middle or primary school

* Refund
2 days : 50%
1 day, the day : No refund


Our schedule changes based on weather conditions or other circumstances. (e.g. Season)
* Please do not smoke in the temple.
* Food is not permitted in the sleeping quarters. (e.g. snacks, bread etc.)
* Men and women must sleep in different rooms.
* Depending on the number of participants, your room may be shared with other participants.
* When you come to the temple, please wear comfortable shoes.

Way to Temple

[Bus] Dongmyo stop

*Blue bus
*Green bus
2112, 2233, 1014
*Red bus
*Airport limousine

[Subway] Line 1&6 Dongmyoapt exit 2

*How to get to Myogaksa

1) Go to Dongmyo Ap (동묘앞 역) subway station(Line 1&6). Go to exit #2 and TURN LEFT.
2) Walk down the street 50m.
3) You will see a sign nearby pointing the way to Myogaksa temple!
4) Look for the shop named “Beaute.”(Cosmetic store),"Lg u+" or "T world" (mobile shop)
Turn left here. Walk up the hill to the first crossroad.
5) You will see a small super market “알뜰슈퍼”
6) Turn RIGHT at the intersection. You will see laundry shop on your right. Keep going up
7) You will reach the temple

From Incheon International Airport

Way 1
Take an airport subway and transfer to line 1 from Seoul station(last station) to Dongmyoapt station or transfer to line 6 from Gongdeok station to Dongmyoapt station.

Way 2
Take 6002 bus and get off Dongmyo stop

Contact Info

  • 09:00~18:00
  • Please contact us by email anytime including off-hour.
  • Myogaksa templestay
    82-2-763-3109 myogaktemple@naver.com

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