[Golgulsa] 'The first sunrise of 2018' Templestay

One night two day program, Gyeongsangbuk-do

Price List(Won)

Days Adult(20+) Student(up to 19) Pre-schooler
One night two day program 60,000 KRW 50,000 KRW 0 KRW

Program Information

Seollal Templestay

Golgulsa, the Global Headquarters of Sunmudo, will hold a special Templestay to celebrate upcoming new year. The temple invites you to cleanse bad karma with much stress, admire spectacular sunrise of the first day in 2018 through practicing Sunmudo on the east coast.
May you and your family be happy, good health, joyful and hopeful life with experiencing Golgulsa Templestay!
Happy New Year!



Time Title
13:00~00:00 Check-in
14:00~00:00 Archery
15:30~00:00 Sunmudo Demonstration
17:00~00:00 Dinner
17:30~00:00 Watching Sunmudo video
18:10~00:00 Orientation
18:30~00:00 Evening chanting service
19:00~00:00 Sunmudo training
21:00~00:00 1080 prostrations For the great vow(Selection is possible)


Time Title
04:00~00:00 Ceremony of striking Dharma Bell
05:00~00:00 Morning chanting service
05:30~00:00 Sitting Meditation
06:00~00:00 Breakfast(rice-cake soup)
06:30~00:00 Move to the Gampo Beach
07:10~00:00 Watching sunrise & Praying for good luck / Sunmudo practicing
12:00~00:00 Lunch & Check-out

What to prepare

▶Please ensure you check in between 3pm ~ 4:30pm on arrival and check out at 12:30pm departure day at the Temple-Stay Office (located on the right after the main gate).
▶You need to arrive at the office between 12:30pm ~ 1pm if you want to join the archery class on Tue, Thu and Saturday or meditation on Mon,Wed and Friday. As your check-in starts from 3pm, you can leave your belongings in the office while you join the program.
▶Unfortunately, there is no milk shop or a place you can get food around temple. Please make sure you have lunch before you get to the temple.
▶Clothing - We ask you to dress seasonally, and dress appropriately.
In the summer, you should wear loose, comfortable, and breathable clothing. Socks are worn during chanting services, and you should always cover yourself from your knees and from your shoulders. No short shorts or tank tops, Please, No matter how hot it is!
In the winter, Please come prepared. It gets cold, especially in the night time before breakfast and after evening training. Please take precautions to keep your head and hands covered, and be sure to pack warm socks and a sweater or two. Warm base layers and long johns are also a nice investment. We do provide templestay uniforms (pants and a vest). You can wear these uniforms throughout your entire stay here.
▶Footwear - You should have comfortable, closed-toe shoes (or, alternatively, secure sandals) that you can wear for walking and hiking.
▶Toiletries & Miscellaneous - Please bring your own toiletries and towel. You may want to bring an umbrella if you are coming during the rainy season. If you bring your own water bottle, you can fill it up on our fresh mountain spring water while you are here. You will also need to bring an alarm clock. Handphones are ok to bring and there are outlets in your room if you need to charge them.

Payment & Cancellation Policy

  • ● Cancellations made three full days before the day of check in, a 100% refund will be made.
    ● Two full days before check in date, a 50% refund.
    ● One full day before check in date, a 10% refund.
    ● No refund for same day cancellations.
    ● A full refund for guests who cancel because of extenuating circumstances, such as adverse weather conditions or natural calamities.
    ● Payment : Cash or Credit card (upon arrival Golgulsa Temple)
    Transfer-NH bank (National Agricultural Cooperative Federation) 721107-51-021211


  • ● Please refrain from smoking during your templestay.
    ● If you are caught smoking, you will be asked to leave without a refund.
    ● Please refrain from wearing revealing clothing and heavy scents.
    ● Behavior should be appropriate for this environment; Therefore loud music and noise is not permitted.

Way to Temple


▶By Bus
*From Seoul: Express Bus Terminal (Subway line 3) to Gyeongju Express Bus Terminal
Travel Time: approx. 4hrs 30mins Cost: approx 30,000 won
*From Incheon International Airport: Airport Limosine direct to Gyeongju/Pohang
Travel Time: approx. 4-5hrs Cost: approx 40,000 won
*From Busan/Daegu/Ulsan/Pohang: Inter-City Bus Terminal to Gyeongju Inter-City Bus Terminal
Travel Time: 1-2 hrs Cost: 5,000 ~ 10,000 won
*From Inchon: Inchon international Airport Station to Singyeongju Station (singyeongju = ‘new’ gyeongju)
Travel Time: 3hrs 10mins Cost: approx 65,000 ~ 70,000 won
*From Seoul: Seoul Station to Singyeongju Station (singyeongju = ‘new’ gyeongju)
Travel Time: 2hrs 15mins Cost: approx 45,000 ~ 50,000 won
*From Busan: Busan Station to Singyeongju Station Travel Time: 20mins Cost: approx 10,000 won

***Please note after arrival at Singyeongju Station you will need to take a local bus (50 or 70) from the station entrance and depart at either Gyeongju Express Bus Terminal (터미널) or Gyeongju station (경주역) Travel time: 15 ~ 20mins Cost: approx 1,700 won


▶By Car

Take the Gyeong-ju I.C.(exit) passing Bomun Lake Resort Complex and proceed towards Gampo.
From Gyeong-ju, take the 4th road and drive for 26km towards Gampo on the east coast. It takes about thirty minutes from downtown.
Look out for a tunnel called “Chulyoung Tunnel” (추령 터널).
About 5-10 minutes after exiting this tunnel, you will see a three-way intersection with signs for both Golgulsa and Girimsa on your left.
After about 500m, you will see the signs for Golgulsa Temple and a large stone sign with the Korean letters (골굴사) Turn left and pass through the main gate. There is a parking area just inside the temple gate.

▶By Bus From Gyeongju

Gyeongju Express Bus Terminal or Gyeongju Station Bus to Andong/Girimsa/Golgulsa Bus No: 100 / 150 Travel time: 45 ~ 50mins Cost: approx 1,700 won *** The bus stop at the Express Terminal on the opposite side of the road to the station entrance infront of ‘Coffee and Bun Cafe’. *** The bus stop at Gyeongju Station is located on the left after exiting the front entrance and crossing the main road. From Andong/Girimsa/Golgulsa Bus Stop to Golgulsa Temple: After about 40 minutes travel time and having passed through “Chulyoung Tunnel” (추령 터널) listen carefully for the bus announcement - ‘Andong/Girimsa/Golgusa’. It will be announced twice, first as the upcoming stop and for a second time as the current stop. When you get off the bus, you will find yourself at a three-way intersection. You will see a road on the left, perpendicular to the road you are on when you got off the bus. Turn down this road. There will be signs pointing you towards Golgulsa. The walk takes 10-15mins after which you will see two restaurants and the temple gate on your left.

▶By Taxi

Travel Time: 35-40 mins Cost: approx 35,000 won (from Gyeongju) 50,000 won (from Singyeongju) Tell the taxi driver you want to go to “Golgulsa”. Pronounce it clearly, as most people will assume you are saying “Bulguksa”. Throw in the words “Sunmudo” and “Girimsa”, and they’ll clue in. 99 of taxi drivers will know how to get here. On the off chance that they don’t, just try a different taxi. Note that if you are leaving from Bomun Lake Resort Complex, it should be a bit cheaper, as Bomun Lake is situated just outside of downtown Gyeongju, in the same direction as the temple.

Contact Info

  • 12:30~17:00
  • 템플담당자 054-775-1689 d-kumkang@hotmail.com

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