[Naesosa] Mandala

One night two day program, Jeollabuk-do

Price List(Won)

Days Adult(20+) Student(up to 19) Pre-schooler
One night two day program 60,000 KRW 40,000 KRW 30,000 KRW

Program Information


'Mandala' is originally to express the enlightened world by means of colors & patterns.
This is a salt painting which represents symbolic universe.
The participants choose or draw their own mandala pattern and fill in the space with colored salt.
They light a candle and do compassionate meditation after completion.
By this way, they can have time of introspective contemplation and get healing.
Therefore, the subtitle of this program is "Mandala & Meditation : to Follow the Mind Path"


If you would like to experience this program on different days than the days we designated..please contact us by email or phone.


Day 1

Time Title
15:00~15:30 Registration
15:30~16:00 Orientation
16:00~16:30 Temple Tour
17:40~18:10 Dinner
19:00~19:30 Buddhist Ceremony
19:30~21:00 Mandala
21:00~21:30 Sleep / Lights-out

Day 2

Time Title
04:00~04:20 Wake-up
04:30~05:00 Buddhist Ceremony
04:50~05:40 108 Bow & Meditation
06:10~06:40 Breakfast
07:00~07:30 Communal work or Rest
08:00~09:00 Walking to the hermitage
09:30~11:30 Conversation ove tea
11:40~12:30 Lunch
12:30~13:00 Clean-up & Closing

Buddhist Ceremony

'Yebul' in Korean / Twice a day at Korean temples,during early dawn and evening, people pay their respect to the Buddha. The ceremony begins with the playing of the Dharma bell. It is a time of prayers offered for the well-being of all living creatures, a time that reminds one of the universal mysteries wholly present in all sentient beings. / *Participation in Buddhist Ceremony is not mandatory for relaxation templestay visitors at Naesosa.


Mandala is a method of the practices in traditional Tibetan Buddhism. It is a work to fill up with colorful salt inside the circle after drawing your own shapes. Recently, Mandala is used for the one way of mind therapy, known to inspire well-balance and self-confidence as well overcoming difficulties by drawing it. Participants can obtain concentration, relaxing of the tension, consciousness of community and purification effect of mind through this work.

What to Prepare

You should bring the following basic necessities : personal toiletries, towel, socks (it is mandatory to wear socks inside the main Buddha Hall), personal cup or thermo, trekking shoes (in case of walking up the mountain) etc. ※ An uniform is provided, but you'll need clothing to wear underneath.

Payment & Cancellation Policy

  • You have to consider this :
    No refund will be made for cancellation.
    Instead you can participate at some convenient time within one year.

    * Foreigners can pay the fee in cash on the arriving date at our office.


  • Please keep the temple’s rules and regulations for the program.

    -Noble Silence
    -No smoking
    -No alcohol
    -Respectful and appropriate clothing (no shorts/short skirts, sleeveless/halter tops, etc.)
    -Take off your shoes when you enter your room and dharma halls

Way to Temple

By Bus

1. From Seoul
Seoul Central City Bus Terminal --(3.1h)-- Buan Bus Terminal --(5 min walk)-- Buan Local Bus Stop --(50 min) -- Naesosa Bus Stop -- (15 min walk) -- Naesosa Temple

2. From Other Place
Departure Bus Terminal -- Buan Bus Terminal -- Buan Local Bus Stop -- Naesosa Bus Stop -- Naesosa Temple

By Train

1. Seoul Yongsan Station -- Jeongup Station -- Naesosa
2. Seoul Suseo Station (SRT) -- Jeongup Station -- Naesosa
* You can use direct bus(15:10) or taxi from Jeongup to Naesosa

By Car

1. Honam Highway -- Jeongup IC -- Naesosa
2. Seohaean Highway -- Julpo IC -- Naesosa

Contact Info

  • 08:00 AM ~ 18:00 PM
  • Feel free to contact us
  • Kang Young Mi +82-63-583-3035 naesosa2@templestay.com

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