[Lotus Lantern International MeditationCenter] Hear sound of your inner-mind! (2days 1night)

One night two day program, Incheon

Price List(Won)

Days Adult(20+) Student(up to 19) Pre-schooler
One night two day program 60,000 KRW 60,000 KRW 60,000 KRW

Program Information

Buddhism, traditional culture and the harmony

Temple Life Program is a good chance to experience Korean temple life and learn about Korean Seon meditation.

Lotus Lantern International Buddhist Meditation Center. Korean Zen Buddhist meditation and practice. Templestay program in English, Russian and Korean languages. Monastic life experience. Explanation of Buddhist philosophy by foreign monks. Rest and relaxation in the temple on the Ganghwado island.

On our homepage ( www.lotuslantern.net ) you can find all information about our temple


1st Day

Time Title
14:00~16:00 Registration & Room assignments
16:00~17:00 Orientation
17:00~18:00 Watch video Seon(Zen) Buddhism
18:00~19:00 Dinner (Meal Offering)
19:00~19:30 Evening Chanting
19:30~20:00 Seon(Zen) Meditation
21:00~04:00 Sleeping time

2nd Day

Time Title
04:00~04:10 Wake-up
04:10~05:00 Morning Chanting
05:00~05:30 Seon(Zen) Meditation
06:30~07:30 Breakfast (Meal Offering)
08:00~09:00 Walking Meditation
09:00~10:00 Experience of Culture (Calligraphy practice)
10:00~11:00 Da-Seon (Tea time with Sunim)
11:00~11:30 108 Prostrations
12:00~13:00 Lunch (Meal Offering)
13:00~13:30 Cleanning room & Check-out

What to prepare more 2nights

* A uniform ( a vest and pants ) is provided during the stay. * What to bring : toiletries, a personal water-bottle, loose clothes for sleep, an extra t-shirt, sneakers, and socks. NOTICE : Remember that a sleeveless T- shirt or flip-flops are not recommended.

Payment & Cancellation Policy

  • *Refund

    before 3days : 100%
    2days : 70%
    1day : 50%
    the day : regard as participating


  • 1.keep the Temple’s rules and regulations for the program.

    2.Please keep the noble silence, during your stay.

    3.No smoking, no alcohol for staying in the temple.

    4.before the departure, please cleaning your room by vacuum cleaner

Way to Temple

[By Car]

Please come to Lotus Lantern Int'l Meditation Center with Car Navigation System.
Put [언등국제선원] in your car navigation system.

[By Bus] From from Seoul / Incheon

From Incheon To Lotus Lantern Int'l Meditation Center

▶ Take the Bus No.70 for Ganghwa Bus Terminal. It takes 1 hour to Mokbigogae bus stop.
Buses leave every 30 min.

A) Incheon Int'l Airport Railway : Bus Stop below
Geomam Station Enterence Spot Busstop

B) Incheon Subway (Line #2) : Bus Stop below:
Geomam Station Enterance Spot, Dokjeong station, Wanjeon station, Majeon station, Gemdan Sageori station

** (It takes another 15 minutes on foot from the Mokbigogae bus stop to the temple) **

From Seoul/Incheon to Ganghwa Bus Terminal

A) From Shinchon Subway Station (Line #2) : It takes 90 minutes to Ganghwa Bus Terminal
▶ Use exit no.4 of the station and walk down 300 meters.
▶ Take the Bus No.3000 for last stop Ganghwa Bus Terminal. Buses leave every 15~20min.

B) From Songjeong Subway Station (Line #5, near Gimpo Airport) : It takes 60 minutes to Ganghwa Bus Terminal
▶ Take exit no.1 of the station.
▶ Take the Bus No.3000 for last stop Ganghwa Bus Terminal. Buses leave every 15~20min.

C) From Yeongdeungpo Subway Station (Line #1) : It takes 90 minutes to Ganghwa Bus Terminal
▶ Take the Bus No.88 for last stop Ganghwa Bus Terminal. Buses leave every 15~20min.

D) From Incheon Bupyeong Subway Station (Line #1) : Bus No.90

E) From Incheon Bus Terminal : Bus No. 70 / 700 / 700-1 .

※ Please call us at the Ganghwa Bus Terminal, we'll take you to the temple by car.
** (It takes another 20 minutes to the temple) **

Contact Info

  • 09:00 a.m~18:00 p.m
  • Please call us at business hours and e-mailing to us, if you have any more questions
  • 홍상현 010-5445-1446 lotuslantern.net@gmail.com

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<March 2019>


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