[Beopjusa] [All is Well] Nourishing the mind and body with the power of 1500 years (an experience-dominated program)(1 Night 2 Days)

Experience Templestay, Chungcheongbuk-do, +82 10 9528 5655 (mobile)

Price List(Won)  

Type Adult Student(up to 18) Pre-schooler
Experience 70,000KRW 70,000KRW 60,000KRW
Type Adult Student(up to 18) Pre-schooler
Experience Templestay 70,000KRW 70,000KRW 60,000KRW

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Program Information

This experience based program offers a variety of activities including a temple tour, a first-hand experience of Yebul (the Buddhist Ceremony), a 108 prayer beads making, a hiking and a special tea session with a monk.

If you are looking for an opportunity to heal your mind while experiencing Korean Buddhism and culture, this would be a perfect choice for you.

Available on every sunday.


The first day

Time Title
14:00~15:00 Welcoming (Arrival & Accommodation)
15:00~16:00 Orientation (Brief information about Beopjusa Temple & practical instructions about temple etiquette, chanting and bowing)
16:15~17:15 Beopjusa Temple Tour
17:20~17:50 Dinner
18:30~19:00 Evening chanting (Yebul) in Buddha hall
19:10~20:30 108 bows (prostrations) + making chanting beads (optional)

The second day

Time Title
04:00~04:30 Wake up (Do Ryang Sok)
04:30~05:00 Morning chanting (Yebul) in Buddha hall
05:50~06:20 Breakfast
06:20~08:30 Free time
08:30~09:30 Walking Meditation (Pohaeng) alongside the lake Sejogil
10:00~11:00 Tea Ceremony (Da-Seon) with the Monk Sunim (if he is available)
11:10~12:00 Lunch, clean the room and departure

What to prepare - Spring Season

Please bring: Clothes according to weather (personal t-shirts, underwear, warm jacket, shawl, hat, etc. It is still quite cold, especially in the night and early in the morning, because the temple is located deep in a mountain); Raingear or outerwear; Socks; Good walking/hiking shoes; Water bottle; Personal towel and toiletries; Personal prescription medicines ----- Temple will provide: Bedding and blankets; Templestay vest and trousers

Payment & Cancellation Policy


3days before : 100%
2days before : 70%
1day before : 10%
the day : regard as participating / 0%

Only when climatic change or natural disaster happens : 100%


※ Please keep the Temple’s rules and regulations while you do a program.
1. A temple is a place for spiritual practice. Please refrain from loud talking, singing, smoking, drinking or excessive displays of affection.
2. Please be on time and follow the templestay's schedule.
3. Hapjang/Namaste (holding palms together) is a common way of greetings in a temple, especially to the monks and nuns. While passing before a Buddha Hall, please do a half bow with Hapjang too.
4. Sleeveless t-shirts or flip-flops are not allowed.
5. This Beopjusa Templestay is an opportunity to go inward and to listen your inner true Self.

Way to Temple


Beopjusa-ro 405, Songnisan-myen Boeun-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do
충북 보은군 속리산면 법주사로 405 템플스테이
Tel. +82 43 544 5656
Mobile +82 10 9528 5655
Beopjusa Buddhist Temple is located in a beautiful mountain Songnisan National Park in central Korea, about 180 kilometers from Seoul. It takes about 3 hours by an express bus.
Some proper names will help you.
1. Songnisan Terminal (속리산 터미널) ? the final destination
2. Songnisan (속리산) ? name of the mountain where Beopjusa Temple is located
3. Beopjusa Temple (법주사) ? name of Beopjusa Temple
The final destination is Songnisan Terminal (속리산 터미널), no matter where you start your journey.
Please note: All the visitors to the Songnisan National Park and the temple are normally charged with a small admission fee. However, it’s free for the Templestay participants. If you are asked for a ticket, just say to the ticket collector that you are here for Templestay, then he will let you pass without a ticket.
[From Seoul]
The easiest way is to take an express bus by which you don't need to change in between:
From "Central City Terminal (센트럴시티터미널)"
to "Songnisan Terminal (속리산 터미널)"
The time table of this bus
Departure Arrival
07:05 10:05
10:30 13:30
14:30 17:30
17:30 20:30
I would recomand you take the bus at 10:30.
Duration: about 3 hours
Please note: This express bus will stop at Cheongju (청주) first, but don't get off there. Remain in the bus. In about 15 or 20 minutes it will start again. And then it will make a brief stop at Boeun (보은) Bus Terminal again. The bus driver and almost all passengers may get off there. But do not get off there either! (Otherwise you will have to purchase another ticket for the next bus coming to Songnisan) You remain in the bus up to Songnisan Terminal (속리산 터미널). This is really the last terminal of the bus.

In Seoul there is another Bus Terminal where you can get a direct bus up to Songnisan Terminal (속리산 터미널).
Dongseoul Bus Terminal (동서울종합터미널) to Songnisan Terminal (속리산 터미널)
departure arrival fares
07:30 11:00 18,800
08:30 12:00 18,800
09:30 13:00 18,800
10:10 13:40 18,800
11:10 14:40 18,800
11:50 15:20 18,800
12:35 16:05 18,800
14:30 18:00 18,800
15:30 19:00 18,800
16:30 20:00 18,800
18:30 22:00 18,800

In case, that the bus tickets sold out (it will happen quite often at the weekend), you can take an express bus first to Cheongju Express Bus Terminal (청주고속버스터미널). There are more express buses to Cheongju Express Bus Terminal (청주고속버스터미널). If you arrive at the Cheongju Express Bus Terminal (청주고속버스터미널), you have to walk (about 145 meters) to the Cheongju Intercity Bus Terminal (청주시외버스터미널). Here you can take an 'intercity' bus up to Songnisan Terminal (속리산 터미널). Please note: You have to take a bus directly up to Songnisan Terminal (속리산 터미널), no other destinations. Otherwise it gets too complicated. It takes almost two hours from Cheongju to Songnisan Terminal (속리산 터미널).
Timetable from
Cheongju Intercity Bus Terminal (청주시외버스터미널) to
Songnisan Terminal (속리산 터미널)
departure arrival fares
06:20 08:10 9,800
06:50 08:40 9,800
07:20 09:10 9,800
08:45 09:55 9,800
09:30 11:20 9,800
10:00 11:50 9,800
10:20 12:10 9,800
11:20 13:10 9,800
12:00 13:50 9,800
12:25 13:35 9,800
13:20 15:10 9,800
13:50 15:40 9,800
14:30 16:20 9,800
16:00 17:50 9,800
16:20 17:30 9,800
16:30 18:20 9,800
17:30 19:20 9,800
18:00 19:50 9,800
18:30 20:20 9,800
19:10 21:00 9,800
19:20 20:30 9,800
20:20 22:10 9,800
21:40 23:30 9,800

[From Busan]
If your journey starts from Busan:
The best way is to take an express bus
first from Busan central terminal (부산종합버스터미널) to Daejeon Terminal (대전복합터미널)
and then from Daejeon Terminal (대전복합버스터미널) to Songnisan Terminal (속리산터미널).
The timetables of the both bus terminals are as follows:
Busan central terminal (부산종합버스터미널) to Daejeon Terminal (대전복합터미널)
departure arrival fares
08:00 11:00 25,100
10:00 13:00 25,100
12:30 15:30 25,100
14:40 17:40 25,100
17:00 20:00 25,100
19:00 22:00 25,100

Daejeon Terminal (대전복합버스터미널) to Songnisan Terminal (속리산터미널)
departure arrival fares
06:50 08:30 9,000
08:20 10:00 9,000
09:10 10:50 9,000
10:25 12:05 9,000
11:10 12:50 9,000
13:50 15:30 9,000
15:00 16:40 9,000
16:00 17:40 9,000
17:40 19:20 9,000
19:00 20:40 9,000
20:10 21:50 9,000

If your journey starts not from Seoul, Busan, Cheongju or Daejeon, please let us know at least 3 days ago. Then we will find out the best way how to come to us from your place.

If you come by your own car, please tell me beforehand. Otherwise it can be difficult to find us, unless you know our Beopjusa very well. (Our experience says that the nevigation Apps, especially in English, are not always reliable.)

Contact Info

  • 09:00~17:00
  • +82 10 9528 5655 (mobile) beopjusa@gmail.com

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