[Seoraksan Baekdamsa] [Pyeongchang Olympics with Templestay] 1night 2days Templestay : That's all right when it falls.

One night two day program, Gwangwon-do

Price List(Won)

Days Adult(20+) Student(up to 19)
One night two day program 30,000 KRW 30,000 KRW

Program Information

Pyeongchang Olympics 1 night 2 days program

The sound of water in Baekdamsa Valley where morning dew shining brilliantly invites you from hustle and bustle routines

Temple stay is a cultural program which leads you to experience the daily life of the practitioners at temples, which have preserved the history and traditional culture of Korean Buddhism for 1700 years.
It has become the place for members of society; such as family, students, and groups, to communicate to each other and experience various programs.
Temple stay provides an opportunity for a special happy travel in the mountain temple, which allows you to discover the true beauty of Korea and gain the precious experience where beautiful nature, history and culture breathe alive.



What to prepare

Toiletries, towels, hot water bottle and any warm clothes including a hat and globes if necessary. Baekdamsa usually have heavy snow in Winter and colder than other places in the S. Korea. * Please remember that a sleeveless shirt, flip-flops, and slippers are not recommended. * Temple uniform (a vest and pants), soap, toothpaste are provided during the stay.

Payment & Cancellation Policy

  • 7 days prior to the first day of the program: 100%


  • Precautions

    Please avoid drinking alcohol and smoking in the temple.
    Please turn off your mobile phone and leave it to the office during your stay.

    The operation of shuttle buses from Yongdaeri to Baekdamsa enterance can be restricted if there is heavy snow during the winter. You may have to ready for hiking for 7km, which takes you around 1 hour and half or 2 hours. You may will need crampons when there is heavy snow and icy roads.

    Enjoy the peace with untouched snowy surroundings of the deep mountain. Good luck!

Way to Temple

How to get to Baekdamsa

Public transportation


From Seoul: Take a direct bus from East (Dong) Seoul express bus terminal → Get off at Baekdamsa (Yongdae-ri) Bus stop → walk up for 1km towards Baekdamsa shuttle bus stop → take the shuttle bus to Baekdamsa

From Sokcho: Take a bus from Sokcho bus terminal to Baekdamsa (Yongdae-ri) → get off at Baekdamsa (Yongdae-ri) bus stop → cross the road and walk straight up for 1km to shuttle bus stop → take the shuttle bus to Baekdamsa

* Shuttle bus operation time varies depending on the weather condition such as heavy raini or snow. Please check the detail with the ticket office (033.462.5009) or Templestay office (033.462.5035 Eng.)

Contact Info

  • +82-33-462-5035 baekdamsa@hanmail.net

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