[Bulguksa] [Overnight] Breathing in the millennial air

Experience Templestay, Gyeongsangbuk-do, 82-10-7773-0983

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Type Adult Student(up to 18)
Experience 80,000KRW 70,000KRW
Type Adult Student(up to 18)
Experience Templestay 80,000KRW 70,000KRW

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Program Information

[Overnight] Breathing in the millennial air

Experience Korean Buddhism and Korean culture while staying overnight at the world heritage temple existed over a thousand years

** In case of prepayment difficulty in overseas, payment can be made at site.
** You should get our confirmation email if your reservation is confirmed.
** The schedule & program can be changeable due to seasons, conditions of temple, numbers of participants, or any unexpected matters.
** If participants is less than three, the program may not be run.
** Our temple house(accomodation) is outside of the temple where is far about 20 min. by foot or 5 min. by a car.


first day

Time Title
14:00~14:30 Arrival in front of Tourist Information (Bulguksa Temple parking lot 2)
14:30~15:00 Check in & Changing cloths
15:00~15:30 Orientation & Temple etiquette
15:30~16:50 Move to the Temple and Temple tour
17:00~17:30 Temple dinner (* The time can be changed by season.)
17:40~17:55 Sound meditation with 4 Dharma instruments (* The time can be changed by season.)
17:55~18:25 watching the Evening Buddhist Ceremony with free time
18:30~19:30 108 prostrations with a prayer beads making
19:30~20:00 Circling around the millennial stupa & to enjoy the silence in the dark
20:00~20:30 move to the Templestay House and rest
21:00~03:00 Sleep

second day

Time Title
03:00~03:40 Wake up & Move the Temple
03:40~03:55 Circling aroudn the Stupa for the meditation
04:00~04:20 Morning Buddhist Ceremony
04:20~05:30 shot break time and Seon(Zen) meditation
05:30~06:30 Temple breakfast and morning walking to move Templestay House
06:30~08:30 Free time for selfcare
08:30~09:30 Tea time with a monk
09:30~10:00 Review & Check out

What to prepare

* A uniform (an vest and pants) is provided during the stay.
* What to bring : personal toiletries, towels, spare clothing, comfortable shoes(preferably running shoes/ trekking shoes), socks, umbrella(if rain), personal water bottle(thermos) if need

Payment & Cancellation Policy

3days before : 100%
2days : 70%
1days : 50%
the day : No refund

** If any difficulties on prepayment from overseas, the payment can be made at site once arrival.


* Please refrain from smoking & drinking during templestay.
If you are found smoking, you will be asked to leave without a refund.
* Please refrain from wearing revealing clothing and heavy scents.
* Behavior should be appropriate for this environment therefore loud music and noise is not permitted.
* Please respect other people and keep calm environment with noble silence.
* You will be requested to keep your mobile phone in limit access for most of times.

Way to Temple

By train (KTX)

KTX SinGyeongju station and transfer the bus No 700.
and get off bulguksa temple
(Bus No 700 : A bus per every hour, and about 50 min. to take)

By bus

From Gyeongju bus station, take bus 10, 11, or 700 to bulguksa temple.
(Bus No 10 or 11 : A bus per every 15~20min., and about 30~40min. to take)

By car

Highway - Gyeongju I.C- Bulguksa temple

Or, you can drive to our temple house directly,
and the address is: 13-7, Gatgeorang-gil, Ma-dong, Gyeongju-si

Contact Info

  • 09:00~18:00
  • Please leave a Whats app message when you arrived at Information Building in the parking area around Bulguksa bus stop to pick you up for the first meeting.
  • Bella_JungHee Kim _ Office cell phone +82-10-7773-0983 bulguksabella@gmail.com

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