[Jikjisa] Looking directly into my mind (Regular Type)

One night two day program, Gyeongsangbuk-do

Price List(Won)

Days Adult(20+) Student(up to 19) Pre-schooler
One night two day program 60,000 KRW 50,000 KRW 0 KRW

Program Information

Looking directly into my mind

“Take time to look back at yourself in the Jikjisa, the temple of millennium hindsight.”
Jikji temple, where you can learn the sense of slowness, emptiness, and the aesthetics of sharing with a thousands years’ ago of wind from the Hwangak Mt.

What is the enlightenment?
Life is a constant C (Choice) between B (Birth) and D (Death).
Having spent such a busy life, we have overlooked the most basic question like where I come from , where I am going, how I should live, and who I am.
You can learn from a great monk.

Please, come and enjoy the precious experience of finding yourself by laying down heavy burdens in your mind, with a comfortable room, organic food, and a grand hall.



Time Title
14:00~15:00 Arrival & room assigned
15:00~15:30 Orientation
15:30~17:00 Temple Tour, Visiting museum/Rubbing down
17:00~17:30 Dinner
17:40~18:30 Watching Four Sacred Instruments Play(hitting The Brahma bell)
18:00~18:30 Evening Buddhist Chanting Ceremony
19:00~21:00 108 Prostration, Make 108 beads
21:00~04:00 Sleep


Time Title
04:30~05:30 Pre-dawn Buddhist Chanting Service
05:30~06:00 Rest
06:00~06:30 Breakfast
06:30~08:30 Free Time
09:00~11:00 Trekking to the small temple / meditation
11:30~12:00 Lunch
12:00~13:00 Writing down a sentence(ending Jikjisa Templestay) / Departure

What to bring?

* Temple uniform will be provided during the stay. * Bring the following: toiletries, loose clothes for sleep, extra t-shirt, sneakers, socks & water bottle. * Sleeveless shirt, short skirt or pants are not allowed.

Payment & Cancellation Policy

  • - Cancellation 2~3 days before : 100% refundable
    - 1 day before : Not allowed


  • -Please follow the Temple’s rules and regulations.
    -Please turn your mobile phones to silent mode during your stay.
    -Smoking or consumption of alcohol at the temple complex or coming to the temple intoxicated is prohibited.
    -Eating breakfast is highly recommended.
    -Do not wear perfume.

Way to Temple

How to get Jikjisa from Gimcheon Station/Express Bus Terminal

* Take 11 or 111 local bus and get off at the last stop(Jikjisa station) : 30 ~ 40 minutes

* Jikjisa station to Jikjisa Templestay office : 20 mins on foot.

Way to theTemple/Bus, KTX, Taxi

* Take 11 or 111 local buses and get off at the last stop(Jikjisa station): about 30 minutes.
*Jikjisa station to Jikjisa Templestay office: 20 mins on foot.

* East Seoul Bus Terminal - Gimcheon Bus Terminal

* Gangnam Express Bus Terminal - Gimcheon Bus Terminal

* Seoul Station or Busan Station- Gimcheon Station

* Seoul Station - Gimcheon/Gummi Station(1hr 20mins)

* Busan Station - Gimcheon/Gummi Station(1hr 9mins)

* Gimcheon/Gummi Station - Gimcheon Terminal(by local buses) - Jikjisa (use 11 or 111 buses)

Gimcheon Station - Jikjisa(12km, apprx. 15,000won)

Contact Info

  • 09:00~17:30
  • Consultations are available during business hours.
  • Templestay office 010-6356-6084 jikjisa@templestay.com

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<February 2019>


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