[Hwaeomsa] 2019 Right now Here(1night/2day)

One night two day program, Jeollanam-do

Price List(Won)

Days Adult(20+) Student(up to 19)
One night two day program 60,000 KRW 50,000 KRW

Program Information

2018 Templestay weeks for foreigners

Staying at a magnificient Hwaeomsa temple. Only 20,000 won for 2days and 1night program.

Date : 2018.11.05 ~ 2018.11.30

Evenging ceremony, 108 prostration, Morning ceremony, trekking


1st day

Time Title
15:00~16:00 Registration
16:00~17:00 Orientation
18:15~19:00 Evening ceremony
19:10~20:30 Free time(experientilal type: 108bows)
20:00~21:00 Free time
21:00~00:00 Sleeping

2rd day

Time Title
04:00~04:20 Wake up
04:25~05:10 Morning ceremony
05:50~06:10 Temple Breakfast
07:00~07:50 Tea time
08:00~08:30 Communal work
08:30~10:30 Free time(experiential type: Forest walking)
10:30~11:20 Room cleaning & Free time
11:25~11:45 Temple lunch
12:00~13:00 Writing Eplouge & Departure

What to Prepare

A uniform(vest and pant) is provided. So, bring your personal toiletries, towels, running shoes, socks, & hair tie(participants with a long hair only)

Payment & Cancellation Policy

  • 3-days before the reservation date: 100% Refundable

    2-days before the reservation date: 70% Refundable

    1-day before the reservation date: 50% Refundable


  • - Please follow the Temple's rules and regulations.

    - Please turn your cellular phone into silent mode during your stay.

    - No expression of personal affection.

    - Smoking or drinking alcohol at the temple compound and visiting temple being intoxicated are all prohibited.

    - No music playing, dancing, or singing is allowed.

Way to Temple

How to get temple

Hwaeomsa-ro. Masan-myeon, Gurye-gun Jeollanam-do Korea

From Incheon Airport

1. Take the subway to Seoul railway station.
(There is a coming by direct route)
Take Gurye at the Seoul railway station.
Take bus to Hwaeomsa
( It takes about 15 minute, every hour)
Take taxi to Hwaeomsa
( It takes about 10 minute, 061-783-5000)

By Train or Ktx
1. From Yong San railway station in Seoul
Take ticket to Gurye
( Ktx takes 2 hours and other trains take 5 hours )

2. From Gurye railway station
Take bus or taxi to Hwaeomsa.
( It takes about 25 minute )

By Express Bus

1. From seoul ( Nam-Bu Bus Terminal in Seocho )
Take bus to Gurye ( It takes about 3 hours)

2. From Busan
Take bus to Hwaeomsa at the Seo-bu Terminal in Busan. (There are 8 routes)

3. From Gwangju
Take bus to Hwaeomsa at the Gwangju Usquare Bus Terminal (There are 12 routes)

4. From Daegu
Take bus to Namwon at the Daegu General Bus Terminal.
From Namwon to Gurye

* Take bus to Hwaeomsa
( It takes about 15 minute, every hour)
* Take taxi to Hwaeomsa
( It takes about 10 minute, 061-783-5000)

Contact Info

  • 09:00 AM ~ 05:00 PM
  • kim young hee 010-3234-4340 hwaeomsa2@templestay.com

Choose Date & Guests

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<September 2019>


Choose Guests

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(including me)


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