[Baekyangsa] Experience of original Temple food with Jung Kwan nun

One night two day program, Jeollanam-do

Price List(Won)

Days Adult(20+)
One night two day program 150,000 KRW

Program Information

Experience temple food with Jungkwan nun & Famous korean comedian Park Na Rae

*We have a special guest from MBC Korean main broadcasting station.
The program name is 나혼자산다 in korean.
In English " I live alone"
Famous Korean woman(Park na rae) is going to visit our temple and experience temple stay.
She is so fun and outgoing person

The broadcasting station team will shoot all the scenes related to templestay program

from January 30th~31st we limit the numbe of participants up to 6 people.

If you want to join our program with Jungkwan nun and her

please come ! :) Thank you!


1st day

Time Title
14:00~15:00 Arrival, Getting uniform,assigned rooms
15:00~16:00 Temple tour
16:00~20:00 Going to JungKwan nun's temple and having dinner,meditation,having a talk
20:00~21:00 Free time
21:00~04:30 Going to bed

2nd day

Time Title
04:50~05:00 Arriving Main buddha hall and preparing for morning chanting
05:00~06:00 Morning chanting &meditation
06:20~06:50 Breakfast offering (We keep silent during breakfast time, we start to eat together and finish together.
07:00~07:30 Sweeping the yard
08:30~10:30 Going hiking
11:30~12:30 Lunch offering
13:00~13:30 Writing the survey &Leaving

What to prepare

★★★ 2019 Year's schedules can be changed. ★★★ It can be canceled or change the dates .It is temporary. I will email or send a message if we have changes. I hope you understand this situation. * A uniform ( a vest and pants ) is provided during the stay. * What to bring : toiletries,towels, a personal water bottle, loose clothes for sleep, an extra t-shirt, sneakers, and socks. sleeveless shirts and open toe shoes are not allowed and socked feet are required *In winter, this area is so cold . I recommend you bring gloves and scarf , warm clothes.

Payment & Cancellation Policy

  • Refund
    10days before : 100%
    7days : 70%
    5days : 50%
    the day : No refund


  • --Keep the Temple’s rules and regulations for the program.
    Please keep the noble silence during your stay.
    -No smoking, no alcohol.

    -I take full reponsibilty and liability for may own health and safety, including and accident, during the partucipate templestay program.

    -I agree to abide by all the temple's rules and regulations for the duration of the templestay course

    *If you have any question, you can send me messages .
    Instagram ID:daisykkorea

    -What's app messenger: +82 010 8960 3266

Way to Temple

how to come baekyangsa temple

☆It is not easy to get a KTX ticket on the weekend.
You need to get a ticket in advance.


★1.From Seoul Central City Bus Terminal

Seoul Central City Bus Termial - Kwang Joo Express Bus Terminal (U-Square) (You can get a ticket for Baekyangsa in Kwang joo express bus terminal.
It takes 50 minutes.)- Baekyangsa bus stop-
walk to Baekyangsa temple stay office (it takes 25minutes)

*taxi fee from Kwang joo to Baekyangsa : 50,000won

★2.Seoul Central City - Jungeub Bus terminal(You can buy a ticket for Baekyangsa here.it takes 40minutes)-Baekyangsa bus stop-walk to Baekyangsa temple stay for 25minutes.

*taxi fee from Jung eub Bus terminal to Baekyangsa :


♡ KTX * from Seoul

♡1.Young san KTX train station in Seoul - Jung eub KTX train station - Jung eub bus terminal (It is located around Jung eub KTX train station.it takes 10minutes to get there by walk.)

from Jung eub bus terminal to Baekyangsa it takes 40 minutes by bus ) - baekyangsa bus stop - 25 minutes on foot -Baekyangsa temple stay office

♡ Train * from Seoul

2.Young san train station - Ik san train station ( Mu goong hwa train You need to transfer )-Baekyangsa train station (There is a bus stop around Baekyangsa train station.It takes 3 minutes on foot.)

- You take a bus for Baekyangsa - Baekyangsa bus stop - 25 minutes on foot -Baekyangsa temple stay office.


● SRT train * from Seoul

●1.Soo Seo train station- Jung eub train station- Jung eub bus terminal which is located around Jung eub train station. You walk to go there on foot for 10 minutes.
You get a ticket for Baekyangsa.
-Arrival Baekyangsa bus stop- you walk for 25minutes to get to Baekyangsa temple stay office.

●2.Mu goong hwa train (Young san train station )-Baekyangsa train station- There is a Jang sung intersection around Baekyangsa train station.You can find a bus stop for Baekyangsa. it takes 3 minutes to get there.

-Baekyangsa bus stop - You walk to Baekyangsa temple stay office . It takes 25 minutes on foot.


♣. Bus * from Busan

Busan Nopodong bus terminal-Kwan joo bus terminal (U-square) - You can get a ticket in Kwan joo bus termial for Baekyangsa- Baekyangsa bus stop- walk 25 minutes -Arrival

Bus time table ★

♬Jung eup bus terminal ->Baekyangsa

7:55 / 10:35/ 11:45 / 12:45 / 13:55 / 16:30 / 17:10 / 19:10

♬Baekyangsa -> Kwang joo bus terminal

8:30 /11:10 /12:10 /13:20 /14:30 /17:05 /17:45 /19:45

♬Baekyangsa->Jung eup bus terminal

9:30 /10:35 /11:40 /12:35 /15:35 /16:15 /17:55 /19:45

*Local bus time table

♬Baekyangsa->Jangsung (Jangsung bus terminal ,train station) it takes 35~40minutes

07:20 / 08:35 / 09:30 / 10:25/ 11:25 / 12:35/ 13:35/ 14:30
15:25 / 16:35 /17:20 / 18:35 / 19: 15 /

♬Baekyangsa -> Intersection (Baekyangsa train station) It takes 15 ~20 minutes

08:30 / 09:30 / 10:30 / 11:30 /12:30 / 13:30 / 14:30 /
15:30 / 16:30 / 17:20

local bus company 061-393-6820

Jung eup bus terminal ->Seoul (Cental city)

6:00 / 7:00/ 8:00 / 9:00 / 10:30 / 12:00 / 13:00/ 14:00/
15:00/16:00/17:00 / 18:00/19:00/20:00/21:00

Jung eup bus terminal -> East Seoul bus terminal
8:10/13:10 / 18:10


Contact Info

  • 09:00 a.m ~ 17:00 p.m in standard time of korea
  • For more information, contact us or e-mail us during GMP hours
  • dong seong, kim Team manager 061-392-0434 baekyangsa@templestay.com

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<March 2019>


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