[Mihwangsa] [2019 Fall Templestay Week] Mihwangsa Templestay(1night 2days)

Free-style Templestay, Jeollanam-do , 82-61-533-3521

Price List(Won)     Only 1 to 1 nights can be booked.

Night(s) Adult Student(up to 18)
1 20,000KRW 20,000KRW
Night(s) Adult Student(up to 18)
1 20,000KRW 20,000KRW
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Program Information

Autumn travel week."The happiness of 20,000 won"

Organized templestay profram of this "the happiness of 20,000won: during 2019 Autumn travel week.
This special templestay available at 20,000won($18) for an one night stay also it includes some of these activities : tea ceremony, chanting meditation session.
It will hold from september from 12th to 29th.
please note, if you're interested in this, to make, reservation in advance through.



1st day

Time Title
16:00~17:00 Registration and Room Assignment
17:00~18:00 Templestay Introduction
18:00~19:00 Dinner
19:00~19:30 Yebul (Evening Ceremony)
19:30~20:30 Tea Time & Dharma Sharing
22:00~05:00 Lights Out and Noble Silence Until Breakfast

2nd day

Time Title
05:00~05:30 Wake-up Call by Moktak (Wooden Percussion Instrument)
05:30~06:00 Yebul(Morning Ceremony)
06:00~06:30 Jhawsun (Sitting Meditation)
06:30~07:30 Breakfast
07:30~08:30 Oolyeok (Working Meditation)
08:30~11:30 Self-Reflection or Personal Time (Sitting & walking meditation, mountain hiking, reading...)
11:30~12:30 Lunch
12:30~00:00 Departure

What To Bring?

- Toiletries (soap and toothpaste are provided)
- Personal care but not strongly scented products
- Towel
- Seasonally appropriate clothing (sleeveless, shirt or flip-flops are not allowed)

Payment & Cancellation Policy

1-day before the arrival time - 50% refund


- Please maintain complete silence, decorum, and discipline when inside the Temple complex.
- No inappropriate or loud music shall be played at the temple.
- Men and women should avoid intimate physical contact.
- Eating and drinking should be done only in designated areas. Do not litter, eat or chew gum.
- Smoking or consumption of alcohol at the temple complex or coming to the temple intoxicated is prohibited.
- No meat or non-vegetarian foods shall be brought into the Temple premises under any circumstances ? No exceptions.
- When you borrow something from the temple, please return them properly after use.

Way to Temple

From Central City Bus Terminal

1. Subway line number 7 Exit 3 and/
or subway line 3 Exit 7 of Gangnam express bus terminal.

2. Take the bus going to HAENAM in Gangnam express bus terminal (another name is Central City terminal) It will take approximately 5 hours;

Bus Departure Time and Price

7:30 - 37,100won

9:10 - 37,100won

11:05 - 24,900won

14:00 (2:00pm) - 37,100won

16:00 (4:00pm) - 37,100won

17:55 (5:55pm) - 24,900won

3. Take off in HAENAM and take the bus to Mihwagsa in the same bus terminal. It will take roughly 40 minutes;

Bus Departure Time and Price:

11:10 - 3,700won

14:05 (2:05pm) - 3,700won

17:00 (4:50pm) - 3,700won

4. If the bus will pass through to Mihwangsa, take the bus to SANJEONG or WOLSONG and from there take a taxi to Mihwangsa.
(The taxi is available at the WOLSONG bus stop or SANJEONG bus stop (a small store) and it will cost about 9,000~10,000won to Mihwangsa)

From Incheon airport

1. In front of the airport building cross the sidewalk;
2. Take the express bus from Incheon airport going to Gwangju of Jeollanam-do in front of number 09C
(There’s a bus to Gwangju every 40-min. and the time allotted is 4 hours and 30-minutes.)
*Be Aware! There’s another city with the same named “Gwangju”! You have to buy a ticket to Gwangju of Jeollanam-do;
3. Transfer the bus going to Sanjeong (산정) or Wolsong from Gwangju in the same bus terminal in Gwangju. It will take 2-hour;
4. Get off the bus in Sanjeong of Wolsong and from there take a taxi to Mihwangsa.
(The taxi is available at the WOLSONG bus stop or SANJEONG bus stop (a small store) and it will cost about 9,000~10,000won to Mihwangsa).

From Busan

1. Take the bus going to Wolsong (the last station is Wando) in the Sasang cross-country bus terminal. The timetable for a bus: 07:00, 11:00, 13:05 16:35;
2. Buses stop at these stations (Busan - EastGwangyang - Gwangyang - Sooncheon - Beolgyo - Chosoeng - Yedang - Boseong - Baesan - Jangheung - Haenam - Weolsong - Namchang - Wondong - Wando. It will take 5-hour;
3. Get off in Woelsong station and take a taxi in front of the supermarket. It will take about 15-min. and it will cost about 8,000-9,000\.

From Jeju Island

1. Take a ferry to Wando in Juju ferry terminal;
2. Go to Wando cross-country bus terminal;
3. Take the bus going to Wolsong (it will take 25-minutes);
4. From there you can take a taxi or let us know your arrival time and date then Mihwangsa will pick you up.

By Express Train: KTX & SRT (from Seoul)

* Saturday (Come to Mihwangsa)
- KTX: Yongsan Station(8:20) → Naju Station(10:18)
→YoungSanPo Central Terminal (by Taxi 9,000 won)
→HaeNam Central Bus Termal
→MIhwangsa (By Bus 40min 3.700 won)

* Sunday(To Seoul)

- KTX: Naju Station(14:18) →→ Yongsan Station(16:26)
- SRT: Naju Station(14:28) →→ Suseo Station(16:34)

From Gwangju

Take a express bus to Sanjeong (the last destination is Ttangkkeut) or Wolsong (the last destination is Wando) in Gwangju Express Bus Terminal and get off the bus in Sanjeong of Wolsong and from there take a taxi to Mihwangsa.
(The taxi is available at the Wolsong bus stop or Sanjeong bus stop and it will cost about 8,000~9,000won to Mihwangsa).

Contact Info

  • 09:00-18:00
  • 061-533-3521 mihwangsa1@templestay.com

Mihwangsa Programs

Price List(Won)

(The amount in parentheses is the amount per night.)

Night(s) Adult Student(up to 18)
1 20,000KRW 20,000KRW