[Yakchunsa] Look at your inside

Free-style Program, Jeju-do

Price List(Won)

(The amount in parentheses is the amount per night.)
Night(s) Adult(20+) Student(up to 19) Pre-schooler
1 30,000KRW 20,000KRW 20,000KRW
2 60,000(1Night30,000) KRW 40,000(1Night20,000) KRW 40,000(1Night20,000)KRW
3 90,000(1Night30,000) KRW 60,000(1Night20,000) KRW 60,000(1Night20,000)KRW
4 120,000(1Night30,000) KRW 80,000(1Night20,000) KRW 80,000(1Night20,000)KRW
5 150,000(1Night30,000) KRW 100,000(1Night20,000) KRW 100,000(1Night20,000)KRW
6 180,000(1Night30,000) KRW 120,000(1Night20,000) KRW 120,000(1Night20,000)KRW
7 210,000(1Night30,000) KRW 140,000(1Night20,000) KRW 140,000(1Night20,000)KRW
8 240,000(1Night30,000) KRW 160,000(1Night20,000) KRW 160,000(1Night20,000)KRW
9 270,000(1Night30,000) KRW 180,000(1Night20,000) KRW 180,000(1Night20,000)KRW
10 300,000(1Night30,000) KRW 200,000(1Night20,000) KRW 200,000(1Night20,000)KRW

Program Information

Look at your inside

The participants experience the everyday life in Yakchunsa. You can take part in three daily ceremonies and talk over tea with a Buddhist monk. We believe that you can find out what your true self is through this.


the first day

Time Title
17:00~17:30 Introduction
18:00~19:00 Dinner
19:00~19:30 Yebool
19:30~20:00 Talking over tea with a monk

the second day

Time Title
04:00~05:00 Yebool
07:00~07:30 Breakfast
10:00~11:30 Yebool


A day of the temple begins with Yebool. Yebool is a ceremony that we pay respect to the Sakyamuni Buddha, Bodhisattvas and all his diciples. It affords a chance for self-reflection of practice. In the Buddhist chanting, it contains that Buddhists take refuge in the Buddha, Buddha’s teachings and Shangha (the community of Buddhist monks and nuns), and wish to be a buddha through practice constantly. While you are listening to Buddhist chanting, you will feel calm and purified mind

What to prepare

A uniform ( a vest and pants ) is provided during the stay. * What to bring : toiletries,sneakers, and socks. Remember that a sleeveless shirt or flip-flops are not recommended.

Payment & Cancellation Policy

  • Refund
    3days before : 100%
    2days : 70%
    1day : 50%
    the day : regard as participating


  • Keep the temple rules and regulations for the program.
    Please keep the noble silence during your stay.
    No smoking, no alcohol

Way to Temple

airport bus

Take an airport bus No.600 and get off at Yakchunsa bus stop. It will take an hour.

Contact Info

  • 09:00~17:00
  • Please make a call during office hours
  • Do-kwan +82-10-3891-7007 yakchun@templestay.com

Check-in & Check-out

  • Choose your date
    Please refer to the schedule below and select a period
    between 2018-01-01 ~ 2019-01-01.
  • Unavailable date
  • 2018-04-26 ~ 2018-04-27
  • 2018-04-27 ~ 2018-04-28
  • 2018-04-28 ~ 2018-04-29
  • 2018-05-08 ~ 2018-05-09
  • 2018-05-09 ~ 2018-05-10
  • 2018-05-20 ~ 2018-05-21
  • 2018-05-21 ~ 2018-05-22
  • 2018-05-22 ~ 2018-05-23

Choose Guests

Choose Guests
(including me)


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