[Myogaksa] Templestay for relax

Free-style Program, Seoul

Price List(Won)

(The amount in parentheses is the amount per night.)
Night(s) Adult(20+)
1 50,000KRW

Program Information

Required to talk with Myogaksa templestay in advance before booking.

Tel) 82 2 763 3109
Email) myogaktemple@naver.com

* Staff can speak English.
* Breakfast and Dinner included in payment.
* Depend upon choice, you can join Buddhist ceremony "Yebul" or not
* Free time is arranged by your personal schedule.
* Free WIFI
* Need to back to the temple at least 19:00 pm


Day 1

Time Title
14:00~14:30 Arrival, view a room, change into uniform, put belongings in individual locker
14:30~15:30 Orientation, Templetour
15:30~18:50 Free time (ex. tour, relax depend on your personal schedule)
19:00~19:00 Time to stay in the room & prepare to sleep

Day 2

Time Title
05:00~05:30 Moring Buddhist ceremony
05:30~07:30 Relax
07:30~08:30 Breakfast
08:30~10:00 Prepare to leave the temple
10:00~10:30 End & Time to leave

Things  to bring  & offer  for  relax

* A uniform (a vest and pants) is provided during the stay.
* Things to bring : toiletries, a pair of socks, water bottle, personal belongings (e.g. pajama)
* Things to offer : dinner, breakfast, bedding, towel, soap, shampoo, conditioner, body shampoo, toothpaste, hair dryer

Payment & Cancellation Policy

  • * Student discount
    - High, middle or primary school

    * Refund
    1days : 100%
    the day : No refund


  • Monastic place where the monks and nuns do practice.
    So you should keep several etiquettes.

    * Please back to the temple by 20:00pm.
    * Please do not smoke in the temple.
    * Food is not permitted in the sleeping quarters. (e.g. snacks, bread etc.)
    * Men and women must sleep in different rooms.
    * Personal room will be provided.
    But, depending on the number of participants, your room may be shared with other participants.

Way to Temple

[Bus] Dongmyo stop

*Blue bus
*Green bus
2112, 2233, 1014
*Red bus
*Airport limousine

[Subway] Line 1&6 Dongmyoapt exit 2

*How to get to Myogaksa

1) Go to Dongmyo Ap (동묘앞 역) subway station(Line 1&6). Go to exit #2 and TURN LEFT.
2) Walk down the street 50m.
3) You will see a sign nearby pointing the way to Myogaksa temple!
4) Look for the shop named “Beaute.”(Cosmetic store),"Lg u+" or "T world" (mobile shop)
Turn left here. Walk up the hill to the first crossroad.
5) You will see a small super market “알뜰슈퍼”
6) Turn RIGHT at the intersection. You will see laundry shop on your right. Keep going up
7) You will reach the temple

From Incheon International Airport

Way 1
Take an airport subway and transfer to line 1 from Seoul station(last station) to Dongmyoapt station or transfer to line 6 from Gongdeok station to Dongmyoapt station.

Way 2
Take 6002 bus and get off Dongmyo stop

Contact Info

  • 09:00~18:00
  • Please contact us by email anytime including off-hour.
  • Myogaksa templestay
    82-2-763-3109 myogaktemple@naver.com

Check-in & Check-out

  • Choose your date
    Please refer to the schedule below and select a period
    between 2017-04-12 ~ 2019-03-31.

Choose Guests

Choose Guests
(including me)


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