[Seoraksan Sinheungsa] [Free Style] Rock the Spirit ! Oh, Seorak !

Free-style Templestay, Gwangwon-do , 82-33-636-8001

Price List(Won)     Only 1 to 1 nights can be booked.

Night(s) Adult Student(up to 18)
1 50,000KRW 40,000KRW
Night(s) Adult Student(up to 18)
1 50,000KRW 40,000KRW
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Program Information

Rock the Spirit ! Oh, Seorak !

▶Please complete your reservation one week before your participation.

▶Entrance fee is included in the participation fee.

▶You can leave the luggage at the templestay office before check-in and go hiking.(Please let me know your early arrival by mail).

▶It is the program for your relaxation. It is appropriate for those who want rest and relaxation through lots of free time.

▶Participants will be informed only about meal time and Buddhist Chanting ceremony time.

▶You may stay in the temple freely, walking the trails of Mt. Seorak, being empty your mind and fillling it with a cup of warm & fragrant tea.

▶We hope you have your own healing time. You can also join the program with your friends, family or colleagues finding the meaning of break-time in daily lives.


Day of Check-in

Time Title
15:00~15:30 Check-in, Learn about Templestay Etiquettes by video 01
15:30~17:30 [Optional]Walking, Trekking a short trail: Biseondae, Biryeong Falls or Heundeulbawi(Rock: from Oct. 1st)
17:20~17:30 Learn about Templestay Etiquettes by video 02
17:30~17:40 Move from the lodging to the dining room.
17:40~18:10 Dinner Offering
18:10~18:50 Free Time
18:50~19:00 Move from the lodging to the Main Buddha hall
19:00~19:20 [Optional]Sound meditation & Yebul-Evening Chanting Ceremony
19:20~21:00 Rest
21:00~00:00 Lights Out & Sleep

Day of Check-out

Time Title
04:15~04:25 Move from the lodging to the Main Buddha hall
04:25~04:50 [Optional]Sound maditation & Yebul-Early Morning Chanting Ceremony
04:50~06:00 Rest
06:00~06:10 Move from the lodging to the dining room
06:10~06:40 Breakfast Offering
07:00~10:00 [Optional]Walking, Trekking a long trail:Geumganggul(cave), Towangseong Falls(Observatory), Ulsanbawi(Rock: from Oct. 1st)
10:00~11:00 Making a bracelet-style prayer beads, Survey, Tea time & Check-out

for Stay

Must-bring-items: toiletries, towel, T-shirt, socks, tumbler(or water bottle)

warm clothes, equipments for trekking, individual medicine etc.

(Uniform[vest & pants]. soap, toothpaste and bedding set are provided)

Payment & Cancellation Policy

Please, make sure your schedule and let the staff know about your cancellation in advance.

*[IN CASE OF PAYMENT WITH A FOREIGN BANK CARD] : If korean bank has already put it into our account in won, this amount is the remainder minus the first commission. If you want to receive it in your account, you need to know that you have to pay a fee in Korea and your country, respectively. (international remittance fee)

Refund Policy:

5 days before : 50% refund

3 days before : 30% refund

1 day before : 10% refund

The day : regard as participated(0%)


- Be on time with the templestay program(especially on meal time & bed time)

- Shoes arrangement is required(should be placed on the stone neatly).

- Please keep the noble silence during your stay.

- No cigarettes, no meat and no alcohol within the temple.

- Proper attire is recommended.(Wear socks, please.)

- Do not stretch legs in front of a Buddha Statueand a monk, please.

- Keep calm and clear your mind.

- Do not leave the offering food behind.

Way to Temple

go by public transportations.

▶Express Bus Terminal or Intercity Bus Terminal in each cities.
(If you come from Seoul, you can take a bus to Sokcho at the Dongseoul Bus Terminal or Gosok Terminal(Express Bus Terminal).
▶Take a bus which goes to Sokcho.
▶Get off the bus at the Sokcho Expresse Bus Terminal or Intercity Bus Terminal

▶Sokcho Local Bus: Take a local bus number 7 or 7-1. It takes about between 30-40 minuites.Get off the bus at the last stop.
▶Enter the Seoraksan National Park. The entrance fee is included in the participation fee. 7-10 minutes to walk from the entrance of the national park, you can see the main entrance(Iljumoon) of Sinheungsa Temple.

▶Templestay office is located behind the souvenir shop(Please, Don't go past the big Buddha statue!!!) If you look to the right in front of the small templestay building, you will see an alley. Come into the alley. Templestay office is at the end of the alley. Please come by 3 p.m.

▶Taxi: It takes about 20min and costs about 15,000KRW. You can go straight to the Sinheungsa templestay building 'Seolseondang'. It is a traditional house right next to a big Buddha statue.

▶The instructions for those who are driving.
If you are coming by car, please drive all the way to the park entrance. Let the parking staff know that you are doing the Templestay.
If they direct you to the brown guard house on the right of the park entrance, you can drive all the way to the temple parking lots. It will be free for those doing temple stay.
If there is no more space, then they will direct you to park either on the left or right of the park entrance. Parking may or may not be free, the parking staff will inform you.

Contact Info

  • 10:00~17:00
  • 033)636-8001 sinheungsa_stay@hanmail.net

Seoraksan Sinheungsa Programs

Price List(Won)

(The amount in parentheses is the amount per night.)

Night(s) Adult Student(up to 18)
1 50,000KRW 40,000KRW