[Guinsa] [2019 Day of Culture Templestay 20% off]

Free-style Templestay, Chungcheongbuk-do , 82-43-420-7397

Price List(Won)     Only 1 to 1 nights can be booked.

Night(s) Adult(20+) Student(up to 19) Pre-schooler
1 48,000KRW 48,000KRW 48,000KRW
Night(s) Adult(20+) Student(up to 19) Pre-schooler
1 48,000KRW 48,000KRW 48,000KRW
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Program Information

Come and relax and Find who you are!
Feel Free while you stay here! Then you'll see who you are!
Very special fee by 20% off !

After you make a reservation, please be here by 2:00~2:30pm to the first building (Accommodation Building) on your left as you enter the temple, and call us to T.425 (with the telephone there.)
Then come up to the templestay center by 3:00PM.

Note: Walking Meditation is available.
(* Except for an unusual case.)

Please do not go outside the temple without our program while you are here..

This Program is available for one night and two days .

*June 26~27, 29~30
*July 31~ Aug. 1
*Aug. 28~29
*Sept. 25~26
*Nov. 27~28
*Dec. 28~29

We need your uniform size please. eg) S, M, L, XL, XXL

For any inquiry or reservation, please email us: guinsatemple@daum.net (We will reply ASAP.)

Tel: +82-43-420-7425 (calls from outside Korea, 9:00am~5:00pm by Korean Time)

※ Preparations Check list
- Basic essentials such as soap, towels, toothbrush,etc.
- Comfortable hiking shoes. (It's quite steep here).
- An umbrella for your convenience.
- One empty plastic bottle. (so, you'll be able to fill drinkable water here.
▶short pants, , sandals or sleepers are not allowed in the temple.
▶ Morning and Evening is quite cold bring warm jacket and (comfortable pants.)

This program's fee is 60,000KRW -> (48,000KRW) for person
You can pay via PayPal or in cash on arrival as well. Both are OK.
But if you pay through Paypal you could pay less.

*This stay is : USD $48.00 (But if you could pay in advance by paypal: $40.00)
(KRW 48,000 Won: cash on arrival) for person

Bank Account
ACCOUNT NO. : 043 420 7397
Or 136 029329 01 143
Receiver: 대한불교천태종

*You would share the accommodation with other participants.
* No Mobile Service Only Wifi is available.
* This area is quit steep.

*Every Monday is off day.

**Very Special Group templestay is available
welcome for Sept. 27~28, Sept. 28~29.
up to 10 to 100 group of international templestayers.
For one person the fee is only 20,000won.Please contact us.
guinsatemple@daum.net +82434207397


1st Day

Time Title
14:00~14:30 Arrive & Check in (TS Accommodation Building)
15:00~16:00 OT & DIY Prayer Beads Making(Templestay Center)
16:00~17:00 Free Time
17:10~18:00 Silence Temple Tour
18:00~18:30 Evening Ceremony(Main Buddha Hall)Evening Ceremony(Main Buddha Hall)
18:30~20:30 Bibimbab with Temple Formal Meal Ceremony & wash and tidy up together(upstairs of templestay center)
20:30~21:00 Free time(If you want to meditate, possible)
21:00~03:00 Bed time or(Practice on your own)

2nd Day

Time Title
03:30~04:30 Morning Ceremony (choice of liberty):Main Buddha Hall
06:00~07:00 Breakfast(Public Meal: Public dining hall)
07:00~08:30 Free time (You could meditate on your own - accommodation hall 5th floor
08:30~09:30 Vistimg International Buddhist Center of Cheontae Order: Meeting Point is Accommodation Building
09:40~10:45 Tea meditation with a Monk - upstairs of information center
10:45~11:00 Survey, cleaning room & check out (temliestay center~.)

Temple stay Preparations Check list

Toiletries, towels, socks, comfortable shoes for hiking such as sneakers (sandals/flip-flops NOT allowed), umbrella, jacket (gets chilly at night), casual T-shirts/pants to wear underneath the temple stay uniform.
▶ Short Pants / Sleeveless Shirts are Not Suitable for a Temple.

※ Temple uniform will be provided.

Payment & Cancellation Policy

Refund policy:
3 days prior to arrival cancellation: 100% refund
2 days prior to arrival cancellation: 50% refund
1 day prior to arrival cancellation: 10% refund
Day of arrival cancellation : NO refund
Note: 100% refund in case of cancellation due to severe weather or natural disaster

For any inquiry or reservation,
Please email guinsatemple@daum.net (We will reply ASAP)

Tel : +82-43-420-7425 (Call from outside korea, 9:00am~5:30pm by Korean Time)


Desirable Behavior

1. Please be careful not to speak loudly, shout, run, sing, or play music.

2. Men and women should avoid intimate physical contact.

3. Drinking and smoking are banned in all parts of the temple.
When you get caught, you will be fined less than 100,000 KRW.

4. You must leave the room key at the desk(or to Mr.Kim) when you leave.

*You would share the accommodation with other temple stayers as part of the practice in the temple.

Please take note of this message and understand it.

Thank you for your great interest on Guinsa Templestay!

Way to Temple

How to access from Seoul:

How to access from Seoul:
There is a specific bus that you could take from Seoul.
*Taking a subway train (to get to Dong-Seoul Bus Terminal):
The name of the station for Dong-Seoul Bus Terminal is Subway Green Line (Line 2) at Gangbyeon (강변) Station; in other words, “Dong-Seoul bus terminal station.”

There are bus lines from Dong-Seoul to Guinsa (temple) almost every hour.

Departure time
(Dong-Seoul Bus Terminal
to Guinsa Terminal)
takes three hours but for weekends it takes longer

8am, 9am, 10am, 11am, 12am... But if you take the 11am bus you'll arrive at 2pm at Guinsa (takes about three hours).

At Dong-Seoul Bus Terminal, the ticket window for Guinsa is on the ground. (In American English, the 1st floor.)

When you buy tickets, say it clearly: “Gu-In-Sa.”

When you get off the bus at the bottom of Guinsa Temple, please come up to Templestay Information Center.
Hope to see you there.

Contact Info

  • Everyday 09:00am~17:30pm (Monday is off day)
  • kim chang hyun 043-420-7425,7397 guinsatemple@daum.net

Guinsa Programs

Price List(Won)

(The amount in parentheses is the amount per night.)

Night(s) Adult(20+) Student(up to 19) Pre-schooler
1 48,000KRW 48,000KRW 48,000KRW