[Naksansa] Naksansa Templestay "Dream, follow the trail"

Free-style Templestay, Gwangwon-do , 82-33-672-2798

Price List(Won)     Only 1 to 2 nights can be booked.

Night(s) Adult Student(up to 18)
1 40,000KRW 30,000KRW
Night(s) Adult Student(up to 18)
1 40,000KRW 30,000KRW
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Program Information

“Dream, follow the trail”

It’s a program to ease and relax your busy mind by introspection and contemplation. You can enjoy watching the sunrise, reading a book and can freely pray anytime for self-reflection except meal times and ullyeok(community work).

▶Naksansa Templestay open from Wednesdays to Sundays.
We are close from Sundays afternoon to Tuesdays.

▶Available date in July - Not available in July till August 6th (Fully booked)
and available date in August 7,8,9,21,22,23,30


Day 1

Time Title
14:00~14:00 Check - in
14:30~15:30 Temple Etiqutte (Mandatory)
15:30~17:00 Temple tour (Option)
18:00~18:30 Dinner
18:50~18:55 Listening to four Sacerd Instruments
19:00~19:20 Yebul (Night Buddha's Ceremony)
21:30~00:00 Bedtime-Lights Out (Room)

Day 2

Time Title
04:00~04:30 Yebul (Morning Buddha's Ceremony)
06:00~06:40 Breakfast
08:30~09:00 Ullyeok (Communal Work)-Seasonal
09:30~10:50 Free time
11:00~11:10 Feedback & Closing
11:30~00:00 Lunch & Go home

Things to Bring

▶ Personal digital camera to take snaps of some breathtaking scenery and a watch to keep the time and monitor the events schedule on time. (For your information, all participants are required to hand-in their mobile phone to the Temple Stay Center in order to focus and concentrate on the programs.

▶ Toiletries (including towel)

▶ Socks (bare foot not allowed in the temple) and sneakers

▶ Personal water bottle

▶ Hand lantern / flashlight

▶ Other personal clothes like sweater, long sleeve shirts, umbrella
(depends on weather conditions)

▶ Temple stay uniform (only vest and pants) to be supplied.

▶ soap, toothpaste, hair dryer are prepared in the rooms.

Payment & Cancellation Policy

Cancellation & Refund Policy


7 days in advance notice: 100%
6~4 days in advance notice: 50%
3~1 day in advance notice: 30%
On the arrival day notice: 0%

▶ Changing the date can only be made once except on the date of arrival.
Refund is forfeited once a request to change the date has been made.
▶ Payment of refund will be made every last week of the month.
▶ The amount of refund will be reimbursed after deducted the banking charge.


Appropriate Behavior (Chung Gyu) for all of Temple Stay participants
(Temple Stay Rules & Regulation)

▶ No personal private rooms available. Rooms for males and females are separated.
Rooms for companion can also be separated for more concentration on the programs.

▶ Hand in mobile phones for all participants to the Temple Stay office.
(it’s aim for discussion with your true-self internally)

▶ Hand in all cigarettes, snacks, cellphones to the Temple Stay office.
No one is allowed to go out the temple’s compound after checking in.

▶ Compulsory parental guidance for minors.

Please abide by all the rules for a harmonious stay for everyone in the temple.

1. Please bow and greet respectfully whenever you meet monks in the temple.

2. Please speak only when necessary as the temple is a place for practicing Buddhism (keep the silence). Have a harmonious behavior with the mind by observing modesty, consideration, slowness and simplicity. Please don’t disturb others and try to reflect on your own mind.

3. Please be punctual for meals and Yebul and other schedules. It’s highly encouraged to participate in Ullyeeok (community work) voluntarily.

4. Please do not use the central entrance of the main hall as it’s reserved for monks only. Please do not wear low-cut dresses. Walking barefoot is strongly prohibited.

5. Regardless of ages, please call all females by Bosal-nim and Geosa-nim for all males out of respect.

6. Drinking, smoking, external refreshments and watching video or TV is strictly prohibited.

7. Please handle all materials with care, like they are yours and put them back in their original locations. Please clean up the room, bathrooms for other users.

8. Please stay within the temple compound even during your free time and observe the time for sleep. Please continue following a harmonious life, and avoid disturbing others in Temple Stay by insisting your own religion or personal behaviors.

9. We treat everyone equally in their stay at Naksansa regardless of nationality, position, social or religious status or reputation.

10. Please punctually follow the scheduled time of lights-out in consideration of community life in the same hall. (Tea room by 8:30PM and Lights-out in every room by 9:30PM).

For people who violate and have difficulty conforming to the above rules and regulations, it leaves us no choice but to ask them to leave the compound as they are a disruption and disturbance to the flow of life in the temple. We hope you understand.

Way to Temple

Way to Naksansa

Car (Private Own Vehnicle)

Seoul → Yangyang → Naksansa
1. Seoul ▶ Kangil IC ▶ Chuncheon ▶ Donghongcheon ▶ Yangyang IC ▶ Naksansa
2. Seoul ▶ Pankyo IC ▶ Hobup IC ▶ Manjong IC ▶ Kangryung IC ▶ Yangyang IC ▶ Naksansa

Seoul → Sokcho → Naksansa
Seoul ▶ Dukso Sampae IC ▶ Donghongcheon IC ▶ Seolakro ▶ Misiryung TG ▶ Sokcho ▶ Naksansa

※ Parking fee is free when you park at the designated area with parking ticket.

Intercity or Express Bus

Seoul → Naksansa

Dong-Seoul Bus Terminal ▶ Naksan Terminal ▶ 10 minutes walking ▶ Naksansa

※ You can buy ticket to come Naksan terminal directly at 1st floor’s ticket booth of Dong-Seoul Intercity Bus terminal instead of changing other transportations from Yangyang terminal or Sokcho terminal.

Express Bus terminal in each cities → Yangyang or Sokcho Express Bus Terminal → Naksansa

Express bus terminal in each cities ▶ Yangyang or Sokcho Express Bus terminal ▶ Take a local bus No. 9 or 9-1▶ Get off the bus at Naksan terminal ▶ 10 minutes walking ▶ Naksansa

※ In case of Seoul, you can take Express Bus both Dong-Seoul Express Bus Terminal and Kangnam Express Bus Terminal.

Contact Info

  • Tuesday ~ Saturday 13: 00 ~ 17: 00, Sunday 09: 00 ~ 13:00
  • We are closed every Mon. to clean-up and reset accommodation.
  • Naksansa Templestay +82 33-672-2798 naksansa3@templestay.com

Naksansa Programs

Price List(Won)

(The amount in parentheses is the amount per night.)

Night(s) Adult Student(up to 18)
1 40,000KRW 30,000KRW
2 80,000(1Night40,000) KRW 60,000(1Night30,000) KRW