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433rd Experiential program5.6~5.7

Date 2017-05-07 | Author admin | Views 1062

1st. meditating in the hall

2nd. meditating on the mountain

I was very comfortable. Thank you and see you soon!!

I feel re-energized.





명상도 좋고 다담도 좋고

너무 힐링되는 시간이었습니다.

시설도 좋고 선생님들도 너무 친절하시고요




너무 편안하게 쉬고 좋은 말씀 많이 듣고 갑니다.

다음에도 편안하게 찾는 곳이 되었으면 합니다.




I learned a lot and was absolutely happy with the stay.

Everybody was really friendly.




스님과의 다담.

참선 & 108배 시간

12일을 일주일처럼 여유롭게 지내다 갑니다.

앞으로도 계속해서 프로그램 유지하시어 많은 분들이

더 좋은 시간을 가지실 수 있길 바랍니다.




My most vivid memory would be the meditations.

I gained a lot of insight within my self through following the monks direction.

Overall I was very comfortable with my stay.

As always the food was good & the people were amazing

Geumsunsa, It is always a pleasure to visit this temple.

As I continue to come here I continue to gain more understanding towards Buddhism.

Thank you for your generosity.