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450the Experiential 8.26~8.27

Date 2017-08-27 | Author admin | Views 1101

엄마와 함께 처음해보는 템플스테이 이었는데, 오는 순간부터 좋았어요.^^

네비도 잘 보고 길도 한 번도 안 틀리고 잘 찾아왔어요. (네비를 잘 못봐요 ㅜㅜ)

주차하고 올라오는 산길부터 강아지, 스님, 선생님, 사찰, 분위기, 소리, 하늘 바람까지 안 좋았던게 하나도 없었어요.

기분 좋게 잘 있다가 가요, 또 오고 싶으니까 또 오겠습니당




108, 공양시간, 스님과의 Tea time.

심도 깊은 예불시간

너무 좋은 경험이었습니다.

기대이상 이었어요.

밥 너무 맛있었어요.

버섯이 이렇게 맛있는 건지 어제 오늘 처음 알았어요.




Hearing the monks chant during 예불

Perfect I wouldn’t change anything

It was a wonderful experience that I’ll remember forever. I especially loved the senior monk ? she has a very calming smile the staff and food was great ? the temple is amazing.

Will recommend





몸도 마음도 건강해져서 돌아갑니다.

좋은 말씀 많이 해주셔서 감사합니다.

도시로 돌아가도 잊지 않고, 실천 할 수 있도록, 노력하며 살겠습니다.




Forest meditation and tea ceremony with the monk, who was very nice and sociable

thank you so much for this great opportunity.

It was a pleasure to spend a weekend here and now I definitely have a wish to come back.




My most vivid memory was the 108 prostrations.

This was very insightful. every bow had a purpose.

It was a step forward to becoming better as a person.

Thank you for allowing me to come be apart of this temple

It was an eye opening experience and something I will recommend.