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451st Experiential 9.2~9.3

Date 2017-09-03 | Author admin | Views 1121

My most vivid memory was the first meditation on the night of the second, I feel that first preforming the prostrations and then meditating really enhanced the power of my meditation.

physically and mentally the prostration preferred me to meditate,

I would like to thank you so much for welcoming me as a student to your temple.

I truly believe that I had specific moments of realization during my stay which made me feel like my egos had opened.

I hope that someday I can reply your kindness, please visit my country too!




좋은 도량에서 많이 배우고, 깨달음 얻고 갑니다.





Learning about buddhist ideas, particularly the idea that each person has their own understanding of buddhism ( like touching an elephant blindly) and each iteration of buddhism is as now the individual understands it.

Thank you so much. My heart feels very full from staying in a beautiful place, listening, and eating such wonderful food. I think that this experience was very important and I hope many more people visit you.

One day I would like to return. Thank you all!





The walking meditation was so beautiful and peaceful.

It will stay in my memories as a calm and wonderful experience.

This temple is a beautiful and sacred place, which makes my heart feel at ease.

I wish I could stay here longer, but Ifeel as though a small piece of my soul will stay here. I want to thank the monks and staffs for welcoming us into this temple and teaching me many important lessons that I will continue to contemplate and learn from.