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Woljeongsa templestay with international students from SNU BUDDY

Date 2013-11-23 | Author admin | Views 1221

Johanna (SWEDEN)

I feel very relaxed and happy. The experience has been very interesting and I learned a lot about the temple. I especially enjoyed being able to participate in the evening and morning routines. I would gladly come back here! Thank you for the stay!



This was a fantastic experience. Everything here is so beautiful and the air is so fresh. I feel calmer now after taking part of this templestay program. Thank you for your hospitality!


Marieke (GERMANY)

Dear templestay staff!

Thank you very much for this wonderful experience. I had a great time at your temple and was pleasantly surprised how good your English is! It made it a lot easier to understand the religion and culture. It was in total a great combination of religious activities such as the services and others as the hike or painting.


Gussev (GERMANY)

The templestay was a great experience offering an insight into the Buddhist culture. However, I think I would also have enjoyed a longer stay and more activities of 2~3 full days. It was really helpful that the sentences for 108 bows were in English. In that way I could really make sense of it. The group leaders and the staffs were all really friendly and helpful. It was a great stay. Thank you for that.



Hello! Thank you for a pleasant templestay at Woljeongsa. It was an interesting and fun experience to see Korean Buddhism, and I think a templestay is the best way to do so. Especially the friendly staff made it a nice experience.


Charles (FRANCE)

Thank you so much for all! That was really enlightening. I’m really surprised by all you teach me. Your culture and your kindness are amazing! Thank you again.


Lampe (FRANCE)

Discovering Buddhism through a calm and relaxing atmosphere was a really great experience. Participating to the ceremonies with the lovely staff was truly interesting too. Thank you for all. Merci pour tout.



Eye-opening experience-immersing oneself in the daily routines of the monks!

Truly an excellent way of experiencing Korean Buddhism!

Facilitators were efficient and friendly, explaining to us the meaning behind our actions and the various places around and inside the temple. 108 bows numbed and enriched our minds. Thank you.



I enjoyed the templestay, getting to know the etiquette and monks’ day of life. The food was good and I would recommend it to my friends. I enjoyed making the 108 beads. Going for this templestay helped me understand the routine my grandmother does as a devoted Buddhist. Thank you for the templestay.



An interesting experience, a great opportunity to know more about Korea and the religion!

The activities are engaging and interesting. I had lots of fun.

108 bows! I can’t believe I did it. It’s a fresh experience.

Overall, I really enjoy it and the place was really clean and cozy. Great first time experience!


Hector (MEXICO)

I learned a lot of Buddhism. It was also a very unique and beautiful experience, a way to relax by showing respect to others, looking others as part of a whole with the nature. One of the best experiences of my life! Thank you for welcoming me in such a great way in your beautiful temple.


Janey (BRUNEI)

I had a great time here. It is a great experience and I had great opportunities to learn and see about the Buddhism practice in Korea. Here I also learned manners and how to be self-forgiving and to forgive people. The 108 bows was the best program because it teaches people not just to think for ourselves but also the things that surrounded us. Hereby, I want to thank all the staffs and people who sacrifice their time to teach us things and give us great experiences. Thank you very much.


De Hong (BRAZIL)

It was a really great experience and I enjoyed a lot my stay at the temple. I have never seen something like this before. The best part of the templestay for me was the 108 bows. It was exhausting but totally worth it. I would recommend it to a friend. Best regards and thank you!


Mateus (BRAZIL)

The life in Seoul sometimes is very stressful. Coming to a place like this allow us to find peace and tranquility. I also could understand more about the Korean tradition. I hope to do it more times.


Guilherme (BRAZIL)

The templestay was really interesting as it provided an opportunity to know the daily life of the monks and of the mountains. It also helped me understand better Korean tradition, culture and society. Having this kind of experience in a culture that is so different than from my country helps shaping personality and understanding others better.


Hanne (NORWAY)

The templestay was a lot of fun and I was able to learn a lot that I did not know when I got here. I think the templestay is a nice way to introduce others to Buddhism for those that don’t really know a lot about it. It is also a nice way for non-Koreans to experience Korean temples and how to practice Buddhism. It is also a good chance to reflect on life and learn how to better live a fulfilling life and how one can experience happiness and friendship. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to reflect and learn more.



It’s a really good experience to be here with friends and learn traditional Korean culture. We have to wake up at 4am, but since we had the best sleep condition, it was not hard for me. Nice to meet all the staffs and wish you all have good life after.



I had a very enjoyable stay here at Woljeongsa. This is really a great experience for me! I can feel the relaxing and calming of my mind during my stay here. I will recommend my friends to join templestay when they visit Korea. And I wish to learn more about the bows and the messages during the 108 bows. They are really beneficial and to make me cherish what I have now and be good in the future. Thank you so much too to the monks and staffs for teaching and helping us.


Fung (CHINA)

It’s a really wonderful experience here! 108 bows, drawing Minhwa on fans, fir tree forest walking, and meals without meat! Staffs are very responsible and monks are kind. I will never forget the pure atmosphere here. Hope to come back again! 저는 월정사를 아주 좋아해요. 안녕히 계세요!