Temple Information 'Woljeongsa'

  • Address : Pyeongchang-gun Gwangwon-do63, Dongsan-ri, Jinbu-myeon
  • Tel : 033-339-6606~7 / Fax : +82-33-334-6606
  • E-mail : woljeongtemple@naver.com

After templestay at Woljeongsa

Date 2014-07-28 | Author admin | Views 1042

Very enlightening! Beautiful location, one of the nicest places of people I have visited during the years. Kaheui is appraised. Thank you. -Greenblatt from Israel

It was my dream to live in Buddhist monastery. And this dream has fulfilled. I've got very interesting information. I've seen many important things. Our templestay was organized perfectly. It was so exciting. Thank you so much and wish you the best of health, the best of luck, and the best of everything. -Katz from Israel