Temple Information 'Woljeongsa'

  • Address : Pyeongchang-gun Gwangwon-do63, Dongsan-ri, Jinbu-myeon
  • Tel : 033-339-6606~7 / Fax : +82-33-334-6606
  • E-mail : woljeongtemple@naver.com

After templestay at Woljeongsa

Date 2014-07-28 | Author admin | Views 1089

I had a great time at Woljeongsa. Kaheui was a great guide and she took time to explain different rituals, showed us around the temple, and explained its history as well as answering any questions we had. I've visited a few temples in Korea but Woljeongsa is one of the most beautiful one I've seen, its location ass to it. If you like hiking this is definitely the temple for you! -Laura Scotland