Temple Information 'Woljeongsa'

  • Address : Pyeongchang-gun Gwangwon-do63, Dongsan-ri, Jinbu-myeon
  • Tel : 033-339-6606~7 / Fax : +82-33-334-6606
  • E-mail : woljeongtemple@naver.com

After templestay at Woljeongsa

Date 2014-07-28 | Author admin | Views 1251

I very much enjoyed my stay here at Woljeongsa over the last two days. This was my first templestay and the experience I had this weekend definitely inspired me to venture out and stay at other temples around the world. My two days here were perfectly balanced with guidance and independence. The atmosphere and environment were incredible and the staff was most friendly, informative and helpful. Today is my birthday and they made me feel very special, providing me with presents and sweets. I would higly recommend a visit and templestay here at Woljeongsa. -Dustin from USA