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Apr.4.17 ~ 18 2014, Templestay review

Date 2014-04-21 | Author admin | Views 875

* Bryce, 20s, male, Canada *


It was very enjoyable even though my legs are sore.

The food was very delicious and the tea ceremony with the abbot was highlight.

Thank you very much for providing me this opportunity.



* Ivan, 20s, male, Spain *


The whole stay was wonderful, relaxing and very peaceful.

I'm happier than yesterday,

I accomplished my goal of learning something new,

and this one has been a very beautiful lesson.



* Ditte, 30s, female, Denmark *


It was a really nice stay.

I enjoyed the different ceremonies and doing the 108 bows.

I learned a lot of new things and I have improved my meditation practice while here.

My legs hurts a bit ^.^, but maybe that's good...!