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Apr. 26 ~ 27, 2014 Templestay review

Date 2014-04-30 | Author admin | Views 927

* Ignacio, 20s, male, Spain *


I spent a really good time in the temple.

I could find some peace in myself that I was looking for when I arrived here.

Highly recommendable!



* Remy, 20s, female, France *


I enjoyed the templestay although it was completely different culture.

It was difficult to sleep at 9 pm and to stay sit in the same position.

But I am glad to have discovered the Buddhist culture, and to have meditated on myself.



* Rachel, 30s, female, USA *


Thank you for taking such good care of us and showing us

and teaching us about Buddhism. I really enjoyed all of the activities from touring the temple,

meals, lotus making and tea.

Talking with the nun and monk was my favorite.