Temple Information 'Lotus Lantern International MeditationCenter'

  • Address : 349-60, Ganghwadong-ro, Gilsang-myeonGanghwa-gun Incheon
  • Tel : 010-5445-1446 / Fax : +82-32-937-7034
  • E-mail : lotuslantern.net@gmail.com

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Jul.28~29 2015 TempleStay Review

Jackie (USA, 29 July 2015) ? Lotus ponds, frogs, and snakes, a rainy, hot, and humid day, Magnolia flower a good tea makes, Onto the night path, I think I may <3 With compassion, ...

Jan.19~30 2015 TempleStay Review

John A. Mathews, 40, male, U.S.A. I feel very lucky to have come in the winter when there are not many people, but enough people to make good friends, but also to feel and see the Crisp Winter landscape. The whole experience was an emotional roller coaster for me with ups & downs and ma...

Nav.20~22 2014 TempleStay Review

Svetlana Kurbatova,29,Female,Russia I would like to say thank you for all! Thank you for hospitality. Thanks for the experience. Thanks for an awesome trip. Thanks for the long conversations about interesting things. Thanks for candy and for the sweet and tasty food. Thanks for the warm in...