Temple Information 'Yongjoosa'

  • Address : Hwaseong-si Gyeonggi-do188, Songsan-dong
  • Tel : / Fax : +82-31-234-2178
  • E-mail : yongjoosa1@templestay.com

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Jan.11~12, 2014 Templestay review

? *Roger, 10s, male, USA * ? This program taught me many things, patience, gratitude, self reflection, but the main thing that I learned from this program is that all energy, emotions, reactions, and feelings stem from within my own self and looking towards an outside source...

Jan.04 ~ 05, 2014 Templestay review

* Julia, 20s, female, Poland * ? It was a pleasure to attend templestay. I had a very little knowledge about Buddhism, because it is not practiced in my country. Now I know not only about the ideology but I can also use it in my life in order to make it more enjoyable and bri...

Dec.31,2013 ~ Jan.01,2014 Templestay review

* Liesl, 40s, female, South Africa * ? A nice surprise! I like the family atmosphere. The staff were helpful, happy and very cosiderate. The facilities were beautiful and clean. ? ? * Chloe, 20s, female, Australia * ? The templestay stay was very interesti...