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Templestay Introduction

Baekyangsa Please, find the spirit of True Self at baekyangsa templestay.

Baekyangsa was founded during the reign of Baekjae King Mu (632 C.E.) by Ven. Yeohwan, and was originally called Baekamsa Temple. The name was later changed to Jeongtosa, and then back to Baekamsa alternately, until the latter part of the 19th century, when the temple was finally called Baekyangsa (White Sheep Temple). This is because in those days white sheep used to come down from the mountain to listen to the monks chanting, and then go back up.

Baekyangsa is known as a Seon (Jap: Zen) practice temple that has produced many great Seon Masters. In particular, the Unmun Seon Room, located at the mountain hermitage Unmunam, was known for being the representative practicing place south of the Han River in Seoul. Many well-known monks have passed through the Unmun Seon Room, and anyone who calls himself a Seon Monk wants to sit at least one season here. These days Baekyangsa has a Seon Room, Sutra School, and Precepts School functioning together, so it’s referred to as a Chongnim Temple, officially the “Gobul (Ancient Buddha) Chongnim.”

When you pass through the Iljoomun (One Pillar Gate) and begin to walk along the long, winding road leading up to the temple, the splendor of the forest unfolds before you. Giant old trees emit a pleasant fragrance, particularly behind the temple, where a group of about five thousand Nutmeg Trees form kind of a colony.

The temple is completely surrounded by nature, and offers amazing scenery year-round. In particular, the crimson, so-called “Baby Foliage Trees”, which look like a cute little baby’s hands or Bracken ferns, will completely blow you away with their fantastic scenery. If you walk up the mountain Baekamsan in the direction of the Unmun Seon Room, after about 20 minutes you’ll come to a place where you can see all of Baekyangsa at once, from the hermitage Yaksaam. The whole mountain may be on fire with the crimson colors of the fall foliage, but Baekyangsa stands quietly there, as it always has. You can stand there all day looking at the scenery, and never grow tired of it.

Baekyangsa’s Templestay Program

Baekyangsa, a temple considered to be the cradle of the modern Korean Buddhist Seon sect, has naturally prepared an opportunity for participants to let nature be their teachers and discover their True Selves.

While walking in the forest, you can do a walking meditation that uses all five sense to look inside and discover your True Self. Also, the program offers formal Seon Meditation as a way to find your True Self, followed by drinking tea and talking with the monks. Step away from your normal, intense life. Take a true rest and have a chance.

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Baekyangsa's Templestay Program

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