Temple Information 'Beopjusa'

  • Address : 405, beopjusa-ro, Sokrisan-myeonBoeun-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do
  • Tel : +82 10 9528 5655 (mobile) / Fax :
  • E-mail : beopjusa@gmail.com

Templestay Introduction

BeopjusaThe astoundingly beautiful temple, Beopjusa is located in Mt. Songnisan (Sokrisan), one of the most incredible sites in Korea. Peaceful, lush green landscapes of Songnisan National Park is made up of quietly profound mountains,containing the history of 1,500 years and numerous national treasures and natural monuments.
Beopjusa literally means "a temple(SA)" where "the teaching of the Buddha(BEOP)" "resides(JU)". Founded in 553 CE, the ancient space cherishes innumerable cultural treasures, which will give you access to the essence of both Buddhist and Korean traditional culture, bringing both local and foreign visitors together. The humble, but pristine and gorgeous temple welcomes everyone with its wide-open doors.
Beopjusa is especially well-known for its cultural properties. The temple highlights are Geumdongmireukdaebul (gilded bronze Buddha statue 33 meters or over 100 feet high), Palsangjeon (five-story wooden pagoda), Daeungbojeon (considered one of three major Buddhist halls in Korea), Ssangsajaseokdeung (twin-lion stone lamp), Lotus-Shaped Stone Fountain and Palsangjeon Hall.
In modern years, Beopjusa has taken a leading role in providing a systematically structured Temple Stay program to meet the needs of modern Buddhists in and out of Korean peninsula.
The well-organized Temple Stay program is a great way to experience the traditional Korean Buddhism even for those who are new to the culture.
Regardless of one’s religion, Temple Stay is a program where one can stay in a traditional Buddhist temple to experience the spiritual culture and practice of Buddhism. It is open to everyone who wants to get away from their busy and complicated lives,be part of nature and turn inwards to self-reflection.
The program includes early morning chant with the monks under the moonlight and stars, Zen meditation, meditation in the mountains and tea ceremony with the monks and nuns.
The doors of Beopjusa will always remain open for the seekers of the true happiness.
Enjoy the Scent of One Thousand and Five Hundred Years of History in the lush mountains.

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Beopjusa's Templestay Program

  • Experience Templestay

    [Beopjusa] Finding myself through the travel to hermitages in Sognisan (intensive experiences-dominated program)(2 Nights 3 Days)


    Blue Mountain Tells Me Blue mountain tells me to live in silence Blue sky tells me to live in purity To let go of anger and let go of greed To live the water and live like the wind ...

  • Experience Templestay

    [Beopjusa] [All is Well] Nourishing the mind and body with the power of 1500 years (an experience-dominated program)(1 Night 2 Days)


    This experience based program offers a variety of activities including a temple tour, a first-hand experience of Yebul (the Buddhist Ceremony), a 108 prayer beads making, a hiking and a special tea se...

  • Free-style Templestay

    [Beopjusa] [All is Well] Relax. Feel the harmony among Buddhism, Tradition and Human beings (a relax-dominated program)


    Getting away from the repetitive daily life, grab a chance to comfortably relax your body and mind in the tranquil setting of the 1500-year-old temple. Find a serene place. Take a deep breath thro...