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  • Address : Bulguksa, 385, Bulguk-ro, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea
  • Tel : +82-10-7773-0983 / Fax :
  • E-mail : bulguksabella@gmail.com

Templestay Introduction

Bulguksa■ BULGUKSA TEMPLESTAY - A Unesco World Heritage Site

Bulguksa Temple has been listed as a UNESCO Heritage Site and is the temple that best exemplifies the Buddhist culture of the 8th century.

The temple is also where the famed Seokgatap and Dabotap pagodas are located.
The stairs at the Anyangmun-Gate and Jahamun-Gate particularly display the power of the Silla kingdom and culture.

The templestay at Bulguksa Temple is an opportunity to learn about Buddhism and the dignified Silla culture.

The experiential program affords guests the opportunity to learn about the cultural assets at the temple, and take walks around the pagodas.
Participants will get the chance to practice the morning chants, meditation, 108 prostrations, etc which will lead to introspection and time heal oneself.

The templestay residence is located just outside the main temple.

INFO : +82-54-746-0983 / +82-10-7773-0983(office cell phone) / www.bulguksa.or.kr / bulguksabella@gmail.com
LOCATION : Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do Province

■ Bulguksa Templestay Participation Guide

○ A scent of Millennium - One day program
- 1~4hr/ over 10 people (minimum)
- Temple tour, Tea time with a monk, Lotus flower lantern making,
Prayer beads making, etc.
** Contents included is depending on program types.
- 20,000(KRW)~40,000(KRW)
- Groups discounts available

○ Breathing in the Millennial air - Overnight program
- One night & Two days/ over 3~5 people (minimum)
- Temple Etiquette, Temple Tour, Tea time with a monk, Morning ceremony and Meditation, Listening to four Dharma instruments, 108 Prostrations with prayer beads making or Lotus flower lantern making, Circling around the Pagodas, Temple meals
- Adult 80,000(KRW), Student 70,000(KRW)
- Groups discounts available

○ Inquiry Time : 09:00-17:00
Office : 82-(0)54-746-0983
Mobile : 82-10-7773-0983 bulguksa@templestay.com
* Please leave a message when not answering the call which is due to running the templestay program.

○ Please arrive by 2:00PM or 2:30PM
○ For groups(company training, travel agencies, schools), custom-made programs are available, please check in advance with the temple’s manager.
○ Our temple house(accomodation) is outside of the temple where is far about 20 min. by foot or 5 min. by a car.
○ The program contents & time line can be changed due to seasons, weather, conditions of the temple, numbers of participants, or any unexpected matters.

-Choose the program at the templestay reservation system.
-Choose the dates and fill-in with the basic informations needed.
-You can also send us an email with details required for reservation.

○ Pay in advance(both credit cards or direct deposits are possible)
-Nonghyup(농협) 351-0469-5996-13 Bulguksa(불국사)
Overseas participants(residents) can make a payment at site.
Reservation status will be informed through an e-mail.

○ Preparations
personal toiletries, towels, spare clothing, comfortable shoes(preferably running shoes/ trekking shoes), socks, umbrella(if rain), personal water bottle(thermos) if need

○ Instagram : https://instrgram.com/bulguksatemplestay

Map Service

Bulguksa's Templestay Program

  • Experience Templestay

    [Bulguksa] [Overnight] Breathing in the millennial air


    Experience Korean Buddhism and Korean culture while staying overnight at the world heritage temple existed over a thousand years ** In case of prepayment difficulty in overseas, payment can be made...