Temple Information 'Golgulsa'

  • Address : Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea 101-5, Girim-ro, Yangbuk-myeon
  • Tel : 054-775-1689 / Fax : +82-54-746-0172
  • E-mail : d-kumkang@hotmail.com

Templestay Introduction


Golgul-sa Temple is located amid the natural beauty of Hamwol-san Mountain, which is situated just outside of historic Gyeongju City. The temple runs Templestay 365 days a year. It is possible to stay for a month or even more.

Practing Sunmudo is an unique experience at the Golgul-sa Temple.

Sunmudo is a moving meditation and meditative martial arts. It emphasizes the harmony of body and mind through observing one's breath. It is a traditional Korean Buddhist martial art that traces its origins back over a thousand years.

Soft and meditative, Qi Gong movements that cultivates an awareness of our own internal energies, while leading us towards a greater sensitivity of the external energies flowing all around us.

A nurturing yoga opens the energy points of body while relaxing the mind.

The profound stillness of sitting meditation.

At Golgul-sa Temple, You can experience many activities such as Sitting or Walking Meditation, practicing Sunmudo, Aarchery, Joining Chanting Services,108 prostrations, Dharma Talk with a Buddhist monk over tea, and the healthy simplicity of temple cuisine.

Optional programs are Riding horse (from Monday to Thursday) and going to the excursion near by the temple (only Sunday).
These need addtional fee.

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Golgulsa's Templestay Program

  • Experience Templestay

    [Golgulsa] Moving Seon - Sunmudo! (One Night Two Days)


    At Golgulsa, you can experience Seon Meditation, Seon-Yoga, Seon-Qigong, Seon gymnastics, and Seon Martial Arts which is a traditional Korean meditative martial art by Buddhist monks. it is considered...

  • Experience Templestay

    [Golgulsa] Moving Seon - Sunmudo! ( Three Days Two Nights )


    At Golgul-sa Temple, you can experience unique activities in the natural surroundings of beautiful Hamwol-san Mountain. Representative activity is Sunmudo. It is a traditional Korean meditative martia...

  • Free-style Templestay

    [Golgulsa] Relaxation templestay


    Do you want to escape from hectic routine? Do you really hope to relax? Please come & join the Relaxation Templestay. ...

  • One day Templestay

    [Golgulsa] Daytime visit