Temple Information 'Golgulsa'

  • Address : Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea 101-5, Girim-ro, Yangbuk-myeon
  • Tel : 054-775-1689 / Fax : +82-54-746-0172
  • E-mail : d-kumkang@hotmail.com

Templestay Introduction


Sunmudo translates literally into the way of doing meditative martial arts. It emphasizes the harmony of body and mind through the awareness of one's breath. It is a traditional Korean Buddhist martial art that traces its origins back over a thousand years.

Soft and meditative, Qi Gong movements that cultivates an awareness of our own internal energies, while leading us towards a greater sensitivity of the external energies flowing all around us.

A nurturing yoga sequence that opens the body while relaxing the mind.

The profound stillness of sitting meditation.

It's all Sunmudo, and at Golgulsa, you can savor a little bit of all of it.

Golgulsa is located amid the natural beauty of Hamwol Mountain, which is situated just outside of historic Gyeongju City.

At Golgulsa, we combine Sunmudo with all of the special moments of temple life: the unforgettable tones of early morning chanting; Practicing walking meditation as the sun rises in the sky above you; Exalting after finishing the 108th bow; The pleasantries of having a conversation with a Sunmudo master over tea and the healthy simplicity of temple cuisine.

We offer Templestay 365 days a year. Participants can stay for an afternoon, a night, or for many nights. It is also possible to stay for a month or even more.

For more detailed information regarding our Templestay Program and Schedule, please see our English site (listed below).

If for some reason you are having trouble with our reservation form, please e-mail us directly at d-kumkang@hotmail.com

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Golgulsa's Templestay Program

  • Free-style Program

    [Golgulsa] Seollal Templestay


    Golgul-sa Temple prepares a special Templestsy for celebrating on Seollal, Korean New Year’s Day in the lunar calendar. The temple invites all of you for cleaning old karma of last year and hopeful 20...

  • Free-style Program

    [Golgulsa] Clinic Templestay


    The regularity of temple life leads to good physical and mental habits. Through the rhythm and routine of the temple lifestyle, you can alleviate the effects of external stresses and environmental tox...

  • Free-style Program

    [Golgulsa] Relaxation templestay


    Are you in need of some rest? Do you need time to relax your mind and body? Why not come to us for a break from the challenges of daily life? Spend some time alone. Search for inner peace and harmo...

  • One day Program

    [Golgulsa] Daytime visit


    Come and visit us and enjoy a unique daytime experience at Golgulsa!! You can participate in Sunmudo training, enjoy temple cuisine and watch a performance by the Devas Guardians Sunmudo team. This e...

  • One night two day program

    [Golgulsa] Moving Zen - Sunmudo!


    At Golgulsa you can find monks; masters and long-term trainees of Sunmudo. This practice is an integral part of daily life at the temple and incorporates Zen Meditation, Zen-Yoga, Zen-Qigong and Zen M...