Temple Information 'Mihwangsa'

  • Address : Haenam-gun Jeollanam-do247, Seojeong-ri, Songji-myeon
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Templestay Introduction

MihwangsaA beautiful temple in the village at land’s end…

Mihwangsa is an elegant temple located at the southernmost tip of the Korean Peninsula, so-called “Land’s End Village.” You can see the beautiful mountain of Dalmasan - the cool and refreshing West Sea.

Mihwangsa was founded during the reign of Shilla King Gyeongdeok (749 C.E.), and the story of its foundation is quite interesting. One day a stone boat appeared in the sea in front of the village. People tried to approach the boat, but it would recede, and then when they pulled back and stood there, it came closer. When Ven. Uijo heard this news, he started to chant and prayed, and the boat reached the land safely. Inside the boat, there was a box made of golden black rock. The monk found out that there was a statue of Buddha and Sutras inside of the golden box, and when he forcefully opened it, a black cow leaped out. That night, the monk saw a golden man in his dream, who told him that the boat had come from India and that he should build a temple wherever the cow stopped.

The next day, the statue of Buddha and Sutras were loaded on the back of the cow, which started to climb up the foothills of Dalmasan. About a halfway up, the cow loudly mooed, fell down and didn’t get up. So the monk built a temple in that place and called it Mihwangsa. The name of the temple was taken from the cow’s beautiful (Mi) “Moo” the sound, and from the golden man’s enchanting color (Hwang).

The rocky ridge of Dalma Mountain surrounds Mihwangsa, as if the landscape is from the panel of a folding screen. Also, the brightness of the rising sun, as seen at dusk from the temple, has been a wondrous sight for many people for a long period of time. If you continue to walk towards the Budojeon (field of relic pagodas), you’ll find a good chance to look inside at yourself.

Mihwangsa’s Templestay Program

Mihwangsa’s Templestay program is always open, 365 days a year, and it offers a variety of special activities. For example, in the freestyle program called "The Sound of Silence", participants will enjoy a delightful taste of the tea and to have a chance to talk to the monk. Also, you can do mountain hiking and be with nature.

Another program, called The Spirit of a True Person, is more systematically designed with practice as the central focus. The eight-day schedule of this program gives the participants an experience of Seon Meditation. There will be a Chinese character program that enables kids to spend their school holidays by learning Chinese characters and the culture of the mountain temple. Also, it offers a program called the Hwaeom Hwesang, which is designed for groups. Other programs, such as The Glow of the Evening Sun, Walking the Path of Dreams, display Mihwangsa’s Beauty and feature the Camellia Flowers of Winter and the Azaleas in the spring. Every year in October, on the fourth Saturday of the month, a gigantic painting of the Buddha will be displayed in public once in a year during the festival. This highly attended event also features a musical concert.

Mihwangsa has prepared separate room facilities for people who are not used to be with others.

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Mihwangsa's Templestay Program

  • Free-style Program

    [Mihwangsa] Sound of Silence (Find yourself who you are!)


    “Sound of Silence” is one of main Templestay programs of Mihwangsa. This program is always open for the duration 365 days and a freestyle program. In our "Sound of Silence" program participants can e...

  • One night two day program

    [Mihwangsa] Gwaebuljae (Ceremony with Large Scroll Buddha's Painting)


    Gwaebul is a large banner painting (12m tall and 5m wide) used in Buddhist temples during big outdoor events. The Gwaebul was painted by 7 monks in 1727 and was mostly filled with the large portrait o...

  • One night two day program

    [Mihwangsa] Buddha's Birthday



  • One night two day program

    [Mihwangsa] Welcoming Spring Templestay


    “Welcoming Spring Templestay” is hold once in a year. Spring is the new start under of all seasons. Flower is bursting, young leaves come out from trees and greens start growing. We pick the flowers a...

  • One night two day program

    [Mihwangsa] 'Seon' Meditation Templestay for 3 days


    “Seon Meditation(‘chamseon’) for 3 days” is focused on Buddhist practice “Seon” meditation. In this program participants can learn ‘Seon’ meditation which you shows how cultivate your mind and your li...