Temple Information 'Mihwangsa'

  • Address : 164, Mihwangsa-gil, Songji-myeon, Haenam-gun, Jeollanam-do
  • Tel : 061-533-3521 / Fax : +82-61-535-2706
  • E-mail : mihwangsa1@templestay.com

Templestay Introduction

MihwangsaA beautiful mountain temple at land’s end…

MIhwangsa is an elegant and majestic temple located at the Southernmost end of the Korean Peninsula, the so- called “land’s end village”. Here you can see the beautiful mountain of Dalmasan (Dharma Mountain) and the cool and refreshing West Sea.

MIhwangsa Temple was founded during the reign of the Shilla King Gyeongdeok (749 C.E.). The twelve-hundred year old history includes a story about Mihwangsa’s origin. The story tells of a stone boat which mysteriously appeared in the sea in front of the village. A monk who ventured inside of the boat discovered a golden box. Within the box lay sutras and a statute of the Buddha. With these holy relics the monk built a temple and named it Mihwangsa.

The rocky ridge of Dalma Mountain surrounds Miwangsa as if the landscape is from the panel of a folding screen. The mountain is famous for the brightness of the rising sun, as seen at dawn and the beautiful sunsets at dusk. These have been wondrous sights for those who have made the journey there. Mihwangsa is surrounded by lush green forest which embody many hiking trails for nature lovers. A long walk towards “Budojeon” (the field of relic pagodas) and you will find a good chance to look inside yourself.

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Mihwangsa's Templestay Program

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