Temple Information 'Donghwasa'

  • Address : Dong-gu DaeguDonghwasa-1-gil 1
  • Tel : 010-3534-8079 / Fax : +82-53-985-0223
  • E-mail : donghwasa8079@dauml.net

Templestay Introduction

DonghwasaAccording to the historical records of Donghwasa, the founder, Master Geukdal, Originally named this place Yugasa Temple in the 15th year of King Soji's reign(479-500) of the shilla Kingdom. It came to be renamed Donghwasa, which refers to 'Dong' meaning 'Paulownia tree' and 'Hwa' meaning 'flower'. It was given this name because the flowers of Paulownia tree were auspiciously blooming in winter, during the reconstruction of the temple. Its new name was given by Great Master Simji in 832, in the 7th year of King Heungdeok' reign(826-836)

Donghwasa is located in a place that looks like Bonghwang, the phoenix, brooding on her egg. It is very good place for make-a-wish, practice like developing good healthy habits.

With the massive, world-class stone statue of YaksaYeoraeDaebul on the top of the list, there are a number of other important treasures and cultural properties in the temple. As one of the most prominent sacred grounds in the east, it has also been designated as one of the ten most popular tourist attractions, where many Koreans and international visitors pay homage. As this Buddha statue is open 24 hours per day, all year around, it has become a practicing ground that it never closes.

The templestay program of Donghwasa is particularly well-known, having the best facilities for participants and helping them to find wellness in their bodies and minds.

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Donghwasa's Templestay Program

  • Experience Templestay

    [Donghwasa] [Special Experience Type](Group)Open the Mind


    This program is for group participations. =================================================================== Experience the Buddhist Way of healing body. 'Open the Mind, See the Light-Experience T...

  • Free-style Templestay

    [Donghwasa] [Relaxation Type] Open the Mind


    'Open the Mind' is the recuperation(relaxation) templestay program in Donghwasa Templestay. You can stay in the temple area freely, except the meal-time(You can also skip your meal freely according ...

  • One day Templestay

    [Donghwasa] Daily Templestay


    This program runs within a day(2-6hrs) for a group of schools, governments, military corps., companies or organizations. The schedule of templelife program is arranged concerning the group's trait a...