Temple Information 'Geumsunsa'

  • Address : 196-2, Gugidong, Jongnogu, Seoul, Korea서울 종로구 구기동 196-2
  • Tel : +82-10-2685-9913 (message available) / Fax : +82-02-395-9921
  • E-mail : / geumsunsa@templestay.com

Templestay Introduction

GeumsunsaGet to experience Buddhist monk's life in Seoul.

With 600 years of history as a traditional Korean Buddhist Temple,
Geumsunsa is famous for its beautiful surrounding nature in the Mt. Bukhansan(Mt. Samgaksan in the old days)National Park, and it is a branch of Bum-eo sa Temple, the 14th parish of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism.

It specializes as a concentrated SEON(Zen) meditation temple. Geumsunsa is located in Gukidong, Jongnogu, in front of Mt.Inwangsan, near the Blue House and Gyeongbokgung Palace, and only thirty minutes away from Gwanghwamoon Square. A mountain stream flows from Beebong Peak and Hyangrobong Peak in the Mt.Bukhansan National Park, passes under Hongyaekyo(Bridge of Nirvana) at the temple, and gives you the feel of the natural beauty of our temple, yet it is still located in the center of Seoul.

With palms together


For the payment, if you are difficult to transfer the payment,
you can pay when you arrive here.


For Weekdays

The Relaxation Program of Geumsunsa is run through 365 days a year (only experiential program in weekends).

This Program has no fixed schedule except three meal times a day.

It can be said that our relaxation program provides space and time for the authentic Relaxation for you, in the nature of Bukhansan Mountain National park.

Period, schedule(but meal time is fixed:), everything is up to you.


For Weekend

Geumsunsa has the regular templestay program on weekends,

This is the Experiential Templestay, and you can enjoy various activities about Korean Buddhist culture and traditions.

It starts from Saturday afternoon and ends Sunday afternoon.

You can see the details of the program and the time table below.

[The experiential templestay is for over 17 ( Korean age).

Below 17, please book the relaxational templestay during weekdays]

Thank you very much

P.S. if you need more information about the programs, Please email me


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Geumsunsa's Templestay Program

  • We don't have program to reservation.