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  • Address : Yeongchun-myeon Danyang-gun Chungcheongbuk-do73 Guinsagil
  • Tel : 043-420-7425 / Fax : +82-43-420-7399
  • E-mail : guinsatemple@daum.net

Templestay Introduction

GuinsaGuinsa Temple, located on Mt. Sobaeksan, is the main temple of Korean Buddhist Cheontae Order. The temple serves as a religious center for two million Cheontae Buddhists who follow the Grand Patriarch Sangwol-Wongak. In addition, among the peaks magnificently lined up around Gukmangbong Peak within Sobaeksan Mountains, the temple area lies at the foot of Yeonhwaji Peak (Lotus Flower Area). The lotus-leaf shape of the area has given it its current name, Yeonhwaji. The mysterious charm of the mountains has led to its reputation as a holy place of Mahayana Buddhism. The Grand Patriarch Sangwol-Wongak established the temple in Yeonhwaji.

The mysterious charm of the mountains in 1945 as part of his vow to revive Buddhism, to protect the nation, and to save all beings. Guinsa Temple began when he designated it, Guinsa(Salvation and Kindness Temple), a place to save all sentient beings. At this time, the Grand Patriarch built a tiny thatched hut with intertwined arrowroot vines. After a period of austere practice, he achieved a complete awakening. Having opened the door to the resplendent Dharma, his refined wisdom and integrity led him to accept numerous disciples. At present, Guinsa Temple, the head temple of Korean Buddhist Cheontae Order, had stretched itself as the biggest merciful and miraculous temple in Korea. It is also known to people as the miraculous and mystic praying retreat, and is even more famous because everyones wishes come true well here.

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For any inquiry or reservation, please email guinsatemple@daum.net

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1. Full name: Sophia Kang.

2. Date: 2017/011/22 ~ 2015/11/23.

3. Gender: Female.

4. Age: 29.

5. Nationality: United States of America.

6. Occupation: Teacher.

7. Religion: Buddhism.

8. Uniform size
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: My uniform size is M

9. Phone number: (000) 123- 4567.

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Guinsa's Templestay Program

  • Free-style Program

    [Guinsa] [2018 Month of Culture Templestay 30% off]


    Welcome to temple Guinsa!! We give you basic information about temple and practice. A staff, Sunwoo teaches you how to bow, and what to do for buddhist ceremony. [2018 Month of Culture Templestay 3...

  • Free-style Program

    [Guinsa] Temple Stay without program(relaxation style)


    Welcome to temple Guinsa!! We give you basic information about temple and practice. A staff, Sunwoo teaches you how to bow, and what to do for buddhist ceremony. Note: Tea time with a monk is ...

  • Free-style Program

    [Guinsa] 5days & 4nights Self Training Program


    This experience includes activities such as: 1. Chanting or Seon Meditation. (10 pm to 3am Everyday, but not strictly required). 2. Join Evening & Early Morning ...

  • One day Program

    [Guinsa] [2018 Spring Templestay Week]Happiness 5,000Won : Temple Life


    First come , First serve!!! Grap the chance!!! Welcome to Happiness 5,000 won Temple Life! Say no more! Just come and Feel this Beautiful Guinsa and Deep Mountian. (1~3 hours)...

  • One night two day program

    [Guinsa] Buddha's BDayFestival


    Buddha's Birthday Festival is held as a global festival nowadays (with an exhibition of many different lanterns around the temple). This is a great opportunity for you to attend. Geographically, thi...