Temple Information 'Hongbeopsa'

  • Address : 38, Dugu-ro 33beon-gil, Geumjeong-gu,Busan, Republic of Korea
  • Tel : +82-53-980-7978 / Fax : 051-508-6561
  • E-mail : http://donghwasa.templestay.com

Templestay Introduction

HongbeopsaHongbeopsa Temple is located in the suburbs of Busan surrounded by Mt. Cheolma and Mt. Keumjeong creating the shape of lotus flowers with the Suyeong River running in front. It has absolutely astonishing and ecological garden-like views which vary seasonally. Hongbeopsa is known as one of the best tourist attractions in Busan, thanks to the colossal Amitabha Buddha Statue the biggest sitting Buddha statue in Korea. It can be seen by nearby residents and travelers driving by or passing on the KTX train. It sits atop the roof of the main Dharma Hall building and is 21 meters or 7 stories tall. It is made of bronze and represents the aspiration of the Buddha Dharma spreading far and wide.

Below the Amitabha Buddha is the Hall of Supreme Equanimity, where relics of the Buddha are housed. These were given to the Temple by the world-renowned spiritual leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Hongbeopsa is one of only a few shrines in Korea which have Buddha's relics.

The Main Buddha Hall(The Hall of Great Peace and Light) is very unique for its circular shape, which represents the Dharma of the Buddha, the complete unobstructed interpenetration of things that there is no discrimination between Buddha and sentient beings. Hongbeopsa combines traditional Korean monastic architecture and painting inside and modern, sophisticated architecture outside, thereby balancing tradition and modernity. The aspiration of numerous lay Buddhists made it possible to have the Three Thousand Buddha Hall which houses 3,000 gold-plated Buddha statues on the fourth floor of the main building.

Other attractions not to miss are the bronze Avalokitesvara(Bodhisattva of Compassion) Shrine, Meditation Buddha Shrine, Solitary Awakened Sage's Shrine, 100 year-long Memorial Tablets for Ancestors, Outside Buddhist Altar for Buddhist Ceremony, Outside Dharma Hall on the lawn, and the Carp Pond with the statue of an Eccentric Laughing Buddha with a huge burlap sack on his back.

Finally, Hongbeopsa is the only monastery home to a statue of Gandhi given by the Indian Government in commemoration of 40th anniversary of the diplomatic relationship between Korea and India and to show gratitude to Ven. Shimsan, abbot of Hongbeopsa, who lent the building for the Indian Culture Center.

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